Day 8 – Braemar Break


Good climbing and good company often go together; each is essential to the enjoyment of each other.
-Tom Patey

May 17, 2014
Derry Lodge to Braemar

Early morning we stopped by the famous Mar Lodge. It is huge and beautiful. Lots of challengers camped overnight on their expansive lawn. I was excited to meet John Boy, who was very helpful and offered great advise for this crossing.

After Mar Lodge we cruised into Braemar to resupply and stay at the Youth Hostel. Braemar is the main hub where challenger’s routes often meet. It has been fun meeting walkers from different areas. Everyone has such a great zest for life and a positive attitude. It is so inspiring.

In Braemar we loved eating at the Old Bakery and visiting with other walkers at the Fife Inn. I even met Joe, owner of Zpacks the maker of my tent and sleeping bag. That was fun.

Five days left. I can hardly believe it! Tomorrow we are climbing Lochnagar, weather permitting. This is another area we are really looking forward to experiencing.

It is raining and I am so thankful to be in a warm bed tonight!!!20140523-054936.jpg20140523-055002.jpg20140523-055017.jpg










  1. Great to meet you both at Mar Lodge, just knew from the way you strolled in full of energy that it must have been you. I’d camped on the lawn at the lodge, it was like camping on a bowling green. We even got some free venison stew that night from the staff.
    As for the wind that threw you around like a rag doll, Scotland wouldn’t be Scotland without at least a bit of freaky weather. Lucky it happened where you could land safely !

  2. So glad you are ok ! Yikes . That is crazy and scary wind

  3. I’ve been incredibly busy with no time for my favourite pastime of blog reading, so missed your Grand Canyon adventure and this wonderful time in Scotland. What a thrill to have time this morning to sit and enjoy your posts. I’m always amazed that writers are able to this after such strenuous days. Am loving your photos but wonder how you are coping with wet cold feet.

    • Thank you Helen. Great question. On the days it was cold we wore neoprene socks to keep our feet warm. On other days just walking and not sitting around for long time worked.

  4. Thinking about you and your camera, and Dan of course, getting flung around. Glad to see your camera is still going. Just love the pictorial blog each day. And of course glad you and Dan are doing well and having so much fun. Really neat you met Joe@Zpacks. Everyone says what a nice guy he is. And a great businessman as well. Excellent products. I will most likely move to the ArcBlast for the 2015 season. We shall see. -Has your Zpacks sleeping bag been warm enough for the challenge; it’s a 10* bag right? Did you buy it long enough to pull up over your head?

    • The ZPacks bag was plenty warm for Scotland. Yes, it is a 10 degree bag and I bought it long enough to go over my head. I recommend it.

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