Day 5 – The Bog


“Always LAUGH when you can. It is cheap medicine.”
~Lord Byron

May 14, 2014
Glen Markie to Red Bothy
Monadhliath Mountains

Another early start to a great day. The tent was frozen this morning and it was cold last night. We scurried up Glen Markie Burn (River) quickly and was joined by Andy from England. Our route lead us up into lovely Findhorn Valley where we were able to meet other hikers.

I was a little bit nervous about our path this afternoon because it crossed over high, wet, and open land with no road or path. It is called a bog. I have always imagined I would just get sucked in by the mud or in little hidden sink holes in the grass. Dan and I ended up actually liking the challenge, but would no way want to hike anymore than a day in this uneven terrain.

Dan really has a gift of staying dry and clean. I do not. Crossing the bog, Dan faced the green mossy sponge plant. Imagine treading across big, cold, and colorful sea sponges saturated with water for miles and miles and there ya have it. The moss won.

We were surprised by the wildlife in the bog. Grouse and hares would suddenly leap up in front while walking through.

Rain began to fall just as we arrived at our destination, the red bothy. The bothy served as a backstop from the elements, as we pitched just outside.

Tomorrow we will be passing through the town of Aviemore entering the Cairngorm Mountains.

So far we have been pleased with our route. Number 1, we haven’t gotten lost and number 2 it has been so diverse with dramatically new terrain each day.

I think our system of navigation has been working well. To find our way, Dan gets out the map and we use land marks along the way to locate where we estimate we are on the map. While he is doing that, I use the app View ranger on my iPhone to get an actual location. It is fun and fast.

Thanks everyone for following along.















  1. Love the photos guys !! What an adventure!!!

  2. “Always LAUGH when you can. It is cheap medicine.” -You gotta love that quote. And what a beautiful day and landscape. Glad to hear you weren’t frozen in your tent. Guess the Zpacks bag worked out good. Nothin’ like a night out cold or frozen!

  3. The bog may have been hard to navigate, but I loved the photos from this area.

  4. Seems you packed all the right things yet nothing not needed. Ach, lassie, had ye indulged in weighty things ye woulda been swallowed in a bog! Trek safely on. PS -what a change from Grand Canyon; which terrain do you prefer?

  5. I love following you on this grand adventure and I miss hiking with with you two . I know there is a lot of laughing going on ! Be safe !

  6. Bogs look like a great place for sprained ankles, keep it safe out there. I always marvel at hikers who seem to be able to feet like Fred Astaire, sounds like Dan, I can only aspire.

  7. thehikinglife

    Great photos, Rockin’! Happy to hear all your gear choices have been working out well.

    • Luckily perfect, except I would have packed along shampoo and conditioner. Apparently Scotland does not offer small sizes of hair care or ice. Both hard to come by. Who knew?

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