The Hiking Life: Cam “Swami” Honan Visits tHInK outsidE

Swami and Rockin'
Swami and Rockin’ at tHInK outsidE Presentation

Cam “Swami” Honan, a long-distance hiker who has hiked more than 50,000 miles in some 55 countries gave a very informative and entertaining presentation to my 5th-6th grade tHInK outsidE class. This humble, positive, and giving man took time to visit our class just after finishing hiking from the lowest point in Death Valley to the highest point, Mount Whitney with friends Malto, Dirtmonger, and Bobcat. Swami has devoted hours to creating his website The Hiking Life, which is packed with hiking information and photos. A couple of years ago, I met Swami while hiking on the PCT and have written several times on this blog about him: June 16-Blessings and BIG Party, Swami Hikes over 14,000 Miles, and ADZPCTKO 2013.

Malto and Swami after Lowest to Highest Adventure
Malto and Swami after Lowest to Highest Adventure

Swami’s presentation to the class focused on his 12 Long Walks where he hiked on long trails 14, 302 miles in 545 days.

Swami's "12 Long Walks"
Swami’s “12 Long Walks”


Swami's Presentation "12 Long Walks" to 5th and 6th Graders
Swami’s Presentation “12 Long Walks” to 5th and 6th Graders

The beautiful presentation was packed full of geography and animals with a focus on safety, adventure, and love of being outdoors.

Animals of the Florida Trail
Animals of the Florida Trail

He also talked to the kids about planning ahead, always being aware of your surroundings, staying hydrated, carrying lightweight gear, and how to stay healthy on the trail.

Hayduke Trail - Bryce Canyon National Park
Hayduke Trail – Bryce Canyon National Park

He shared his love and appreciation of simple beauties, such as sunrises and sunsets with lots of humor sprinkled in. At the end of our time together, Swami answered kid’s questions. We were so blessed to listen to Swami’s very unique journeys. He really is a great role model and inspiration.

SNAKE Sightings on the Trail
SNAKE Sightings on the Trail

A huge thanks to my good friend and mentor for taking the time to share your sense of wonder and love of traveling the world on foot.

tHInK outsidE at the Beginning of Hiking 6 mile Cameron-Ridge Section of the PCT
tHInK outsidE at the Beginning of Hiking 6 mile Cameron-Ridge Section of the PCT

This was this year’s tHInK outsidE last week together. In addition to hearing a very famous hiker, the group also completed the 6 mile Cameron-Ridge Section of the Pacific Crest Trail just outside Tehachapi. Congratulations everyone!


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  3. Sweet! THIS is the superman I needed to look up. I’m super jealous you’ve gotten to know him and also that I’m not a student in one of your classes. 😛 Thanks for posting this!

    • Superman AND kind, funny and humble!!!! Now that is a combo! You would have loved listening to him. When I get it ready I am going to post a video of his presentation.

  4. Great post. I liked the board showing all 12 hikes. Your students are so lucky to have you as their teacher, one they will never forget.

    • I am the lucky one and I know it. To be able to share what I am passionate about in combination with my work. Priceless.

      I just love the kids faces during the classes. Lots of different reactions.

  5. Great post Rockin’! That Swami is something else. Very glad and interested to read about him. And very glad that you have put so much effort into teaching the young ones about the Great Outdoors or what I like to refer to as God’s Natural World. No better place for them or us to be. Your blog is absolutely Rockin’! And you have so much energy – I think most of us are jealous! In the very best way of course. Keep on Rockin’ Christy.

  6. I love how you have taken your passion and adapted it to share with your students!!! That makes the very best teacher, and you are the best teacher!!

    • Well….I don’t know about the best, but I do know I am crazy energy and excited about what I do. That does make for entertainment at the very least. Thank you though.

      Had 2 other great hikes with the group. Very rewarding. 🙂
      Thanks for posting. Hope you are well Yellowstone.

  7. There are so many giving people in this very small hiking community. I’m looking forward to crossing paths with Swami myself someday. I love that you have remained committed to this teaching module; you are an inspiration and are changing lives. THANK YOU!

    P.S. the link seems to be broken for the 6th photo

    • Well hello Beekeeper. Thank you for your words of praise. We both share with heart, our love of getting outside, having fun, and being prepared. Thank you for your work. We just left Swami in the hands of Amtrak to head to his next adventure up north to the Lost Coast. It was an amazing couple days hearing about his travels world wide and of course it was a great to talk gear! Thanks for the heads up on the photo link. All fixed now. Hope you are out there enjoying your weekend.

      • I hiked the southern part of the Lost Coast two years ago end of April I believe. I enjoyed many things about it including the various eco systems, but could have done without my first intro to stinging nettles.

        I should have run away this weekend as I’m really ready for my first bp of the season, but instead chose to stay home and work in yard and prepping for an Easter weekend adventure.

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