Hey Class of 2014 PCTers!

Pacific Crest Trail Southern Terminus - 2012
Pacific Crest Trail Southern Terminus – 2012

Many of you have followed me since I first stepped on the Pacific Crest Trail,  June 12, 2010, when I started hiking one section of the PCT at a time. I am thankful I have shared the triumphs and defeats on this journey by posting on-trail journals every day. I cherish this record and you the reader’s words of encouragement, advice, and questions.

I have finished 1830.4 miles spanning from the Mexican border to Crater Lake, Oregon and have 833.1 miles to go! This summer I am hoping to complete this monster of a dream and finish the remaining miles through Oregon and Washington. The prospect of actually making this happen is pretty exciting. My heart races just thinking about it.

My journey into the world of thru-hiking with the big goal of completing the entire 2,650 miles of The Pacific Trail is attributed to many small and powerful experiences. Namely, meeting the “Lady on a Rock” just below Muir Pass on the John Muir Trail, the nudge of my family with the attitude of “OF COURSE you will do this” and our family’s first experience with PCT thru-hikers, Skyward and Yellowstone. After housing, transporting, and throughly enjoying being a small part of their journey, my husband Dan and I became hooked Trail Angels. We have since reaped the joy of hosting many other inspirational hikers in our home.

We live just outside Tehachapi, CA where the PCT passes 11 miles east of town. If you are a 2014 PCT hiker that would like some “Trail Magic” while passing through Tehachapi, just email us at rockin’@ladyonarock.com.

If you live near a trail town and have ever been interested in finding out what all this Trail Angeling is about, I would like to encourage you. The act of giving, comes back around a thousand fold. Need more motivation?

My fellow Gossamer Gear Ambassador and Trail Angel, Beekeeper wrote about her trail angel experiences in “Getting My Trail Angel Wings in Drakesbad“. Her post was published on Gossamer Gear. You can follow all of her adventures on her blog at Jan’s Jaunts and Jabberings. 


In my ongoing pursuit to Simplify my professional and personal life, I have organized all of my PCT resources into 3 handy web pages for future PCT section, day, thru-hikers, and dreamers.

Rockin’s Pacific Crest Trail Resource Pages:

  • Trail journals – List of blog posts featuring: before hike preparations, hosting hikers in Tehachapi, on-trail journals, after hike reflections, and a great Google Map with all my campsite locations.
  • PCT Gear/ Resources – PCT gear lists, links and resources I use before and during the hike, and hiking food links.
  • PCT Media – Links to my PCT videos and Flicker photo collections.

If you are new to my blog, I invite you to follow all my outdoor adventures on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Flickr, and You Tube. Also, do not miss a single post by signing up to receive new updates by email. Just add your email address under “Get Post Updates” in the bottom left menu.

Bring on the new class of 2014 PCTers!


  1. Hi Rockin! I was recommended to read your gear list a few years back by Wandering Dot. We did the Colorado Trail last summer and this summer I’m hiking the JMT. I was led to this link for your blogging of the JMT but I’m not finding the information. I would love to read about your JMT hike. Thanks

    • Oh shoot. MY bad. I see it in the top pull down menu! I think the link that directed me to here is wrong. Thanks for so much helpful and fun information. You inspire me to hike more.

  2. Oh, to be you! You lucky lady! Looking forward to all you have to share.

  3. Go Rockin! The Scotland hike looks amazing, lucky you! You’re gonna finish the PCT this year, wow- you’ve been a hiking machine lately! Have a great time, your evolving gear reviews are my bible, THANK YOU. I’ll be on the CT late June/July. Happy Trails,

    • Well hello Dot!!!!!It is always good to hear that my gear info is helpful. Good, light gear does make a difference in safety and comfort. The CT is challenging, very high, and dead gorgeous. Looking forward to hearing about you experience. Thanks for posting.

  4. You are so right about the joy of giving; I appreciate the shout out and encourage others to give back or pay forward whether it be as a trail angel or otherwise.

    My life too is all about simplification! Thanks for noting the changes, I best check update the links on my blog. I find that I use my blog resources just as much as I as share with others. It’s a great way to stay organized and updated.

    You are going to have such a busy and active summer, I have to say I’m a bit jealous. I’m already feeling ants in my pants . . . but alas must be patient for 6.5 more months . . . sigh!!!

    I’d love to touch base when you pass through enroute to OR or WA. If you need a place to stay, want to grab a coffee, a meal, whatever.

    • BeeKeeper,
      So glad that you feel the same way about all this organization stuff and thank you for letting my readers in on your experiences. Unfortunately, in route to Crater Lake, I will be buzzing by your area on an Amtrak train. It is impossible for you to have ants, it seems you are always out there hiking!

      • LOL The work I’m doing at the moment is very sedentary with way too much time either in front of the computer and doing research. So every day, I think, I’d rather be outside! Especially as everyone gets ready to spend uninterrupted time on the trails. Hard not to be envious 🙂

        But it’s all good! I’m working toward a goal and I’m nearing the finish line!

  5. Duane 'Beacon' Tehee

    Great news
    I doing the PCT again. I will be in tehachapi around 11 May. Hope to see you again.

    • Ahhhhh Beacon!!!!!! I am going to just miss you. We will be gone hiking Scotland May 8-26. If you end up coming before or after those dates, please, please we would love to help you in any way.

      You were a huge help on the CDT and I would love to do the same for you. Keep me posted.

  6. Great post Rockin’! Can’t wait for you to begin. 833 miles is a nice summer and combined with TGO, you are gonna put on some serious miles. Wish I could do that. -I will be heading to the Emigrant Wilderness for five, maybe six days with friends and get a few miles in. Like you, I can’t wait either.

    • Do you know that many people never even go out more than 1 night? You are rocking it Warren.

      • Lucky me, I’ve been out two nights in February. Went to Joshua Tree NP to the Cottonwood campgrounds at the south end of the park. Just camped in a group spot for those nights but had some great day hikes and generally just a great time. Thanks indeed for the encouragement.

  7. I didn’t realize we were your first! I’ll certainly never forget how amazingly kind you were, and how you thought of everything we would need. I’d like to return the favor. I’ll be following you and hope to see you at Rainy Pass this summer. I’m also hoping to do more of the trail in WA, as long as my hip continues to recover from surgery. Have fun in Scotland- what an adventure!

    • Ah man!!!!!!! you guys were so incredible that I thought you were the first. Dan just informed me that White Beard and Monty were the first in 2009 before I started this blog. A good reminder that it is important that I keep writing this stuff down. Rainy Pass sounds fantastic. You certainly are getting out and around after having surgery. Bionic hip??????

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