Welcome ladyonarock.com

My very talented, beautiful daughter and I

Thanks to my very tech oriented and talented daughter, Lady on a Rock has its very own domain name:


I was super surprised at Christmas with this special gift. The funny part is that for the last few months I have tried to contact the owner of the URL ladyonarock.com to hopefully buy it. I had no response or success. Turns out the owner was my very own daughter!!!!!! How cool is that? I think it is especially timely because January 2014 is my 4th year anniversary in blogging. Happy birthday Lady on a Rock! It all started HERE with my first blog entry.

Also, my blog has been upgraded with a grid style home page with a large slide show at the top. I think readers are going to love it. The site is now very visual and easy to maneuver around.

Another exciting page I have added is an all-in-one Continental Divide Trail 2013  web page for a quick reference. The page is located in the top drop down menu under Long Trails.

More news! I also have a new email:


Be sure and follow all my outdoor adventures on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Flickr, and You Tube.  And do not miss a single post by signing up to receive new updates by email. Just add your email address under “Get Post Updates” located in the bottom menu of each web page.


  1. Best present ever and nice looking site. Cheers to 02014!

  2. Congratulations! What a great Christmas gift!

  3. That is just too fun! Great new site, and what a very creative daughter!

  4. Nice. Congrats on the site transition! Happy new Year all!

    • Hey big thanks! What is nice is that readers do not have to do anything. The old address ladyonarock.com just forwards to ladyonarock.com. Same with the email. WordPress rocks. 🙂

  5. The new theme looks great. Congrats and happy new year.

    • Glad you like it. I also love that WordPress gives the option of snow falling during the month of December. It ends January 7th. I wish it would last longer. Happy New Year to you!

  6. Wow! Well let me be the first to congratulate you on your new website. That is so cool. -I’d be like, who would have that name for a website but me? Why won’t the respond? Ha! Great Christmas gift for sure. I will be looking forward to what you are doing in 2014 and looking forward to tomorrow to see the surprise!

    • That is exactly what I thought! Also I was so mad at myself for not purchasing the domain name years ago. Warren, I actually hired a service to contact the owners of ladyonarock.com a couple months ago. My poor daughter has been emailed repeatedly by them. Way funny! Posting in just a few minutes.

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