July 29 – Dubois

Don’t feed the thru-hikers – keep them wild.
– Stryder aka Burly Whites (updated and brand new trail name) – CDT thru-hiker

Highway to deep forest
12 miles

Dubois was a great stop and hard to leave. I had fun shopping at the Wind River Gear shop. They had helpful customer service. I ended up with a new shirt, Buff, spoon, and 3 pairs of socks.

Our group was gifted with super trail magic from Judith and Terri. They found out we were hiking the CDT and brought us amazing homemade trail bars, chocolate cookies, and offered to give us a ride back to the trailhead today. It was great meeting such generous people. Thank you so much Judith and Terri!

Love Note and Drop n’ Roll spent a lot of time pouring over maps planning our trek through Yellowstone. Yellowstone National Park requires all backpackers to camp in designated campsites that must be reserved ahead of time. It is a system that does not work well with the thru-hiker.

After getting on the trail in the late afternoon a cold storm hit. We all huddled under a group a trees to cook dinner and get out of the rain. The trail after dinner was muddy, slippery, and smelled of horse poop. It was fun watching everyone slip and slide. The trail we will be on over the next few days is called The Horse Super Highway. Love the maintained trail, hate the horse poop.

Tonight everything is wet, cold, and muddy.








  1. The mother bird had placed her nest right in the middle of the trail. Can you believe that? It must be a ground bird of some type. Grouse?

  2. Love the baby birds shot. I have two parrots and I am a self-proclaimed “Bird Man”. Maybe if I hike a long trail that’ll be my trail name. Even if it is self-proclaimed. As always, love the shots of you and Grant smiling away. One of God’s greatest gifts is family and having fun with them is such a blessing.

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