July 28 – Town Day /Skecher Update

Fall seven times, stand up eight.” —Japanese Proverb

2 miles after Sheridan Pass to Dubois
15 miles

Town Day for thru-hikers is a bit of a celebration. In the last few miles before a road access to a resupply town, there is sheer joy in the air and a bounce to the hiker’s step. Today was one of those days.

The last couple of days the trail has been hard to follow. The dirt and mud has left us filthy and smelly. This dirt seems to have a very bad smell.

As we were walking this morning everyone noticed that Stryder’s calf muscles have become more defined. We all agreed that it is due to the Skecher Shape-ups he is wearing. They have worked out so well that he is thinking about ordering another pair when this pair needs replacing.

We are all staying in Dubois at the Stagecoach Inn. This is Silly Chili’s and my last resupply stop, as our CDT adventure will be ending in 5 days on August 2nd or 3rd at Old Faithful in Yellowstone National Park. This was our original goal to go from Wolf Creek Pass in southern Colorado to Old Faithful in Wyoming. Both Silly Chili and I have mixed feelings about leaving the trail and our hiking companions that we have come to love, but teaching and nursing school are calling our names.

We are not quite sure how we are going to get home yet to California. If anyone has ideas on transportation in or around Yellowstone, please let us know.

Thank you readers again for your ongoing encouragement. It has made all the difference.





  1. I am certainly one of those men who have been very encouraged and have loved every minute of the ride along with Christy and Grant. As so many others are, I am too thankful for the wonderful writing and photography and know that Rockin’ really doesn’t sit still for any length of time so its not a worry because she’ll be on the trail again soon. And for Silly and his multi-multi-tasking. I strive to be efficient with the time and talent I’m given. And I really love reading about others who make the most of every moment. Get home safe and happy reunion with your family and friends.

  2. I’m going to miss your updates and the fabulous photos you been taking.

  3. Sally/Arrow

    So thankful to be able to follow your fabulous adventure through thick and thin . Hope we can do a short trip in the Sierra . You will have to slow down for me . I am not up to speed quite yet but am grateful I can even go !!!

    • You are the hiker who hikes. Speed is just one very small part of the backpacking experience. Heart for putting foot to dirt is paramount. You have enough for 100 women.

  4. Georgette Theotig

    Christy- Enjoy your last few days on this wonderful adventure! I have so enjoyed your photographs of Colorado and Wyoming. Have a safe journey home.

  5. Judith Raymond Gonzales

    Terry and Judith are always looking for something to do. Maybe they’d give you a lift.

    • Judith and Terry,
      Thank you for your generosity. I loved meeting you both and I think our whole group is still craving more of the most delicious trail bars we have ever eaten. Believe me, thru-hikers have lots of experience eating bars, hundreds of them. I need that recipe!

  6. It seems this Summer has just flown by. Sad to hear your trail time comes to a close soon, but sounds like you are trading it for some new adventures!
    I totally agree with writer77 – a book of your travels and the people met along the way would be fascinating!

    • I think that Grant will be the man for that job. He is a great writer. I just could not convince him to guest post on the trail. Too bad he had the on-line courses to take, he just might have entered his fun point of view more often. Thanks for the encouragement.

  7. Wow, you guys have been an inspiration. How cool. Enjoy your final moments of this epic adventure!!!

  8. Though it’s sad your journey is ending, it’s only for a time. I’m sure you’ll be burning through another adventure before we can catch another breath. You’ve so wonderfully described the CDT and your experience of it through photos and some wonderful writing. (A book, someday, perhaps?) Also, I just love it when other blog followers reach out to offer useful advice and help to get you both home (i.e., Marty, Julianne)!

    • I know. Right? Grant and I used the travel info from Marty and Julianne to get the best deals and made it home smoothly.

      I think the writing is your gift. Me, I just get by, but thank you for the encouragement.

  9. letshike2

    OMG! We sure are going to miss Silly Chili and You on the CDT. This summer has flown by.
    Thanks for writing your blog and all you have done to encourage other female hikers,young backpackers and I am sure more than a few gentlemen. Best wishes on your last leg of trail and safe travels home.

  10. Julianne Baker

    You could fly out of Bozeman. You can go out of Yellowstone via West Yellowstone which is shortest way. Or up through Gardiner and Livingston. Look up karst stage. Expensive but maybe an option for getting to Bozeman. Or wait for me! I’d love to help out.

    • Believe me… I so wish we would have had just 2 more days, but I am so glad your Sierra trek went so well without snow!!!!! and you climbed Mount Whitney!!! Thank you for your traveling help. Dan and I need to come up your way in the winter. Your Facebook posts featuring Yellowstone in the winter are very cool!

  11. Regarding getting back. Linx Bus (877.454.5469) is a ‘cooperative’ that provides services in park and connects Yellowstone to Bozeman, MT, Jackson, WY, Cody, WY, Idaho Falls ID and even Salt lake City. They have a web site at https://sites.google.com/site/linxbusinyellowstone2013/home/maps with addl info. Bozeman and Jackson are about 95 – 120 miles from Old Faithful. Bozeman has regular connecting flights across the country. Flights from Bozeman are generally much less expensive than Jackson.

    • Marty, Thank you for your information. We ended up taking the bus from West Yellowstone to Salt Lake. It was inexpensive to fly from Salt Lake to LAX. It worked very smoothly. You really helped!

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