July 27 – Hard Day

There is no time for levity on the CDT.
– Bo – CDT Thru-hiker

26.4 miles

Today was not a better day. I don’t even know what to say about today. I was tired and had low energy, a lot of the trail was cross-country and hard to follow, and I was hungry all day. Our group was even a bit cranky. I didn’t even feel like taking photos.

Tomorrow we have 15 miles to hike to the road that leads to Dubois, our next resupply. It is guaranteed to be a better day.







  1. Beautiful panorama. And Dan is right. Pretty awesome place to be cranky. So crank it up!

  2. We all have our days, but most of us don’t walk over 26 miles on those days. You go girl!

  3. Dan Rosander

    Everyone’s entitled to cranky now and then. Just look around at where you are cranky, there’s no better place to be cranky. You are loved

  4. Just remember, a bad day on the CDT is better than the best day at ‘ome!!! We’re all thinking of you all daily. 😉

  5. letshike2

    I was just wondering if you ate Nutella? It has high calorie and fat content and is really good on tortilla shells. if you pre-spread the shells and roll them up they fit right in a gallon ziplock bag. It is lighter weight that way and easy to snack on while you walk. sometimes I like to add peanut butter to it too. It sucks being too hungry. Your photos this week have been awesome. Thank You. Happy Trails

    • Nutella and peanut butter spread on flour tortillas was lunch most every day for most of the group I was hiking with. They loved it. Nutella has dairy and flour tortillas have wheat. I did eat Justin’s Hazelnut butter and peanut butter in packets every day. It is truly amazing how much food it takes to keep a body fueled to walk many miles for days on end.

      Thanks for the suggestions. Keep them coming.

  6. Sally/Arrow

    Some days are just like that

  7. Is it ok to hurt along with you. Man, I am constantly amazed at how you keep going. Walking all day for one day would make me cranky. I hope you see the end of the trail soon cuz we miss you and Silly.

  8. snakebait

    Perk up. You fans are vicariously enjoying your journey and perceptions.


    Noel and Ulrike

  9. cranky or not darlin…you still inspire me!!!!

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