July 25 – Knapsack Col / Go Away Bear

If you cowboy camp, you do not have to worry about a bear dragging you from your tent.
– Drop n’ Roll, CDT thru-hiker

Seneca Lake to Beaver Park
20 miles

This was one of those days I could have taken a photo every 5 minutes and each would seem like the best one of the day. The day started with a stunning sunrise over Seneca Lake and the beauty only continued on our cross-country route over Knapsack Col. This extra route by far was the highlight of our CDT trip. The day’s weather only added to the experience. In one single day the weather was cloudy, hot, sunny, rainy with thunder and hail, and cold. Oh and we also have the pleasure of the buggiest night yet. Silly Chili is currently desperately trying to kill mosquitoes that managed to get into his tent.

Our group is now ready for bear country. We are all equipped with bear spray, and tonight was our first time hanging our food. We also stopped to cook before we camped to avoid food smells in camp. I am using a cuben fiber bear kit from Zpacks and Silly Chili did a fine job of hanging our stuff.20130728-151013.jpg20130728-151027.jpg20130728-151040.jpg20130728-162921.jpg20130728-162940.jpg20130728-163006.jpg

























  1. annathrax

    A girl from perth, australia can only dream of such hiking scenes!

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  4. I love that photo of you hiking STRAIGHT up the snow bank!! But more so I really love the photos of the wild flowers and views. I just arrived back from six days/five nights in the Tuolumne Meadows area of Yosemite NP. We went to Glen Aulin and beyond and had a blast. So right now I can feel how you are feeling!!!

    • You were really in bear area. A few years ago I did a loop in that area that was called the Grand Canyon of the Tuolumne. Gorgeous, gorgeous country. So glad your trip went well!!!! Thank you for sharing with us.

  5. I don’t know how many times I can say, “absolutely beautiful” without you getting bored with it. I think this area, so far, is my favorite. That photo of you walking uphill in the snow is CRAZY! Wow!

  6. Dan Rosander

    Also nice to see you’re using the carabiner. Never leave home without it.

  7. Dan Rosander

    Great call on the alternate route. Absolutely gorgeous.Glad you have the bear spray, hope you don’t need it. Don’t spray yourself on accident, been there, done that, not fun 🙂

  8. Sally/Arrow

    Beautiful country!

  9. I love your pictures! It’s wonderful to imagine being there, without the before mentioned mosquitoes! Thanks for sharing!!

    • Amazingly enough I could have actually left the DEET home and just packed a head net. Even the head net I would have only used a couple of times. This was one of the nights that ALL protection was necessary. I wonder if the CDT going northbound is like this every year?

  10. Oh wow! Totally beautiful! Enjoy this amazing time!

  11. John Donaldson

    The down side to that beautiful scenery is the mesquitos. Reminds me of the Beartooth Mountains north of you. You are truly in bear country now. You should also see more moose as you get further north. Lots of memories of beautiful and unique country!

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