July 24 – Pinedale

Get on the trail!
– The Trail Show Podcast

Elkhart Trailhead to Seneca Lake
9.3 miles

Pinedale was pretty much a successful stop for everyone. Between the Wind River Brewery, The Great Outdoors Store, The Lodge at Pinedale, Wrangler Diner, and the friendly and helpful people of Pinedale, we were ready to hit the trail. Almost.

We met at the trailhead after everyone hitched from town. Drop n’ Roll, Silly Chili and I got 2 great rides. Everyone immediately procrastinated hauling the heavy packs filled with food for the next 6 days. We made it about 50 ft past the parking lot before another “extended hangout” occurred right on the trail. After finally getting started at 5:00 PM, we had a beautiful evening hike. We passed a few boy scout troops and were pleased to actually come across a scout that displayed an interest in light weight backpacking. We made sure to affirm his gear choices and encouraged him to continue hiking! At Seneca Lake we enjoyed an amazing sunset, and are camped perched high on a ledge overlooking the lake. Pretty cool.






  1. Glad you had a restful stop. And as always, enjoyed looking at the photos. Keep on hikin’!

  2. Sally/Arrow

    Oh that looks nice

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