July 18 – Atlantic City Goodness

“I am glad to be done with the basin.”
-Silly Chili

Sweetwater River to Highway 28
16 miles

An early start landed us in the very small town of Atlantic City at 9:30 am just in time for steak and eggs at the Miner’s Grubstake Diner. It was like going back in time and I loved every minute. We met a great group of men that were either biking or motorcycling parts of the CDT. Turns out many knew people who lived in or had experienced Tehachapi, CA where I live. Tom Cullen was helping his son’s motorcycle support team and offered to give us a ride to Lander, WY even though it was not on their route. Mike Grosscup was the driver. It was so fun getting to know each of them. After reaching Lander they dropped Silly and I off at Safeway.Thank you Tom and Mike!

Safeway was heaven. It was cool, had Wifi, a soft cushy seat, tons of food, and a clean large restroom. Silly reminded me a few times that I actually spent 4 hours in that store. Our whole group: Sweetfish, Ninja, Drop n’ Roll, Love Note, Stryder, Silly Chili and I are staying at the Holiday Lodge. It has a perfect set-up for hikers. We are planning on taking a zero day tomorrow and hiking out early Saturday morning.







  1. Lander is where Wyoming Catholic College is located. Several kids from my parish attend there. They have a great outdoor leadership program that all freshmen are required to take. I love Wyoming, the people, the photos you’ve been posting. Makes me want to move there. Hope you enjoyed your zero day. 🙂

  2. Yaaay! Congratulations on finishing the basin!

  3. Air-conditioning is good!

  4. I have been following along for awhile and love your pictures, but this post has me laughing out loud. Four hours in a Safeway! Isn’t it amazing what you do when you long distance hike that you would never dream of doing in your other life. Been there, done that….it is too funny:) Looking forward to your pictures from The Winds. Happy trails…..

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