July 14 – Into the Great Divide Basin

Women always try to tame themselves as they get older, but the ones who look best are often a bit wilder.
-Miuccia Prada

Rawlins to first water source
15 miles

The Days Inn in Rawlins was a perfect place to stay. Everyone was kind, the price was reasonable with continental breakfast, and it is located by City Market grocery store. We decided to get on the trail later in the day to hike in the cool of the evening 15 miles to the first water source. This gave me a chance to reply back to some of the reader comments on past blog entries. To read replies just click on the title of the post and scroll down.

To celebrate the entrance to the Great Divide Basin Drop n’ Roll and Love Note bought pairs of leopard and sparkely tights to wear. I just loved the looks they got from cars passing by as they walked down the Main Street of Rawlins on the way out of town.

I have read about and dreaded this dry and hot 113 miles of Red Desert Basin since last November. The desert and I have a love hate relationship. I love the simple desert beauty but I do not do well when hot sun is beating down on my head. I get overheated, stop sweating, and get dizzy. I am hoping to hike early in the morning and late into the evening, taking a break during the middle of the day to beat the oppressive sun. Better yet I would love to night hike with a headlamp. I have always wanted to experience hiking in the desert with stars overhead.

I want to invite you to visit Drop n’ Roll’s trail journal at http://www.drop-n-roll.com/. She takes great photos and has a great sense of humor.















  1. The Beekeeper (aka Jan aka roaming angel in bright pink hat)

    Looks like you switched to a GoLite pack. What’s up with that? I’m the same way when it comes to hard hikes in the heat. We had a tough climb this weekend and I just started fading as the heat of the day increased. Night hiking would be preferable, except for the visibility and nocturnals. Loving the pix, especially the group one at the sign and Silly Chilli at the sign.

  2. That would be cool to hike see some stary night hike picks.
    In that last picture it looks like sweet fish and ninja have camped with you all. I don’t recognize the 2 on the left.

    Hope you stay hydrated an well shade for the desert. Maybe a cheap umbrella would help bring the shade with you.

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