July 13 – Rawlins Recharge

I never get tired of the blue sky.
~Vincent van Gogh

Bridger Pass Road to Rawlins
13 miles

Super exciting day…
1. A few minutes after an early start this morning, we heard Love Note shouting at us. Turns out she hiked until 11:30 the night before, camped just a few yards from us AND hiked a total of 45 miles in one day. Yes you read that right 45 miles!!! We were so thankful she was okay and glad to see her.
2. After hiking into Rawlins on 13 miles of paved road, we enjoyed a great lunch, coffee, muffins, and smoothies at Huckleberries Bistro. After talking to wildlife photographer, Gary Sundberg, at the Bistro he offered rides to where we needed to go in town. Rawlins is spread out, so this was a huge help. Thank you Gary. BTW, he takes amazing photos that are on display in Huckleberries. We were able to pick up our packages and get to where we are staying at the Days Inn.
3. Silly Chili is officially done with his online courses. WhooooHooooo!
4. I have new shoes.
5. Pizza was delivered to our room.
6. I am clean, well-fed, and ready for the next leg of this adventure, The Great Basin. It is known for hot temps, no shade, and poor quality and scarce water sources.
7. I am thankful for each member of our team for this next challenging section of trail: Stryder, Love Note, Drop n’ Roll, Silly Chili, and myself.






  1. Georgette Theotig

    Wow, Wyoming looks beautiful. I love the wide open spaces, inviting one to roam. Congratulations to Silly Chili for completing his course. Now he can hike with a bigger feeling of being carefree! Enjoy the Wyoming landscape, and keep those great photos coming!

  2. 45 Miles, Wow!!! And you thirty the other day was also Wow! Glad Love Note caught up to you and is safe. Keep having as much fun as you can!!!

  3. Nice!

  4. letshike2

    O.K. This is weird but I am saying it anyways! You know that song ” I Want to Hold Your Hand” by The Beatles? It starts playing in my head every time I see that pic of Stryder and LoveNote. Everytime! I thought this group couldn’t get any more fun to follow until Silly Chili and you came along! Thanks for sharing your adventures and life with everyone. Happy trails.

  5. Hi Rockin !! Thanks to Wired, I’ve been following your post along with a few others. Sure hope your able to catch up with her soon, but you might have to start running cause she is flying. Thanks for all your post and Enjoy the Trail.

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