July 11 – Oh Wyoming

I think I have eaten just the right amount of breakfast.
– Rockin’, stated after inhaling 2 full breakfast plates and 6 cups of coffee, then hitting the trail

Battle Pass to Ridge
19.5 miles

So right now I am laying in my tent in high, gusty winds and it is starting to rain. Just yesterday I was telling Drop n’ Roll that I loved my tent, but had not had it in high winds as of yet. Well my Skyscape X Is being put to the test tonight.

Our stay in Riverside was perfect. After a huge breakfast at the Bear Trap Cafe, we hitched a ride to Battle Pass with Gus. Thank you Gus!

Silly Chili is excited to be hiking today in new Brooks Cascadias trail runners and Dirty Girl Gaitors. They are very bright and cheery.

I love the desert. I love the desert even more when wildflowers are in full bloom. Today was that and even more. Wyoming is open, much warmer, and I think a peaceful, healing country. Tomorrow we will be moving into lower and hotter desert land.













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  3. Such beautiful photos.
    And yes the new gaiters are VERY cheery. =]

  4. Gotta love new shoes. And the photos are awesome as usual Rockin’. I just tried out my LevaGaiters for the first time this morning. Pretty cool, literally. Glad to keep out rocks and dirt and such. Dirty Girls are pretty awesome too. That combo on Silly should really give him a bump in his trail mojo!

  5. So glad to see a smile on Silly’s face. Cool shoes and gators, Silly. Love the Aspen tree picture with the flowers. May need a print of that.

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