July 8 – Typical Day on the CDT

Smiles, not miles.
-Virgo CDT thru-hiker

Pond 3.5 miles above Buffalo Pass to 2 miles above Seedhouse Campground
24 miles

5:30 am – alarm goes off, rained during the night everything is wet, clear and nice morning, watched the sunrise from my tent blossom into bright orange and yellow, drank cold Via coffee with homemade energy bar by Arrow, packed up
6:45 – left camp started hiking uphill 1000 feet, reached the crest, had cell service so I posted July 8 journal entry
8:30 – ate Kind bar while hiking
9:30 – morning break or second breakfast, ate coconut chips and a bag of peanuts, check maps for upcoming route, filter water
10:00 – start hiking
11:00 – ate Sports Beans with caffeine
12:00 – clouds build
12:30 – lunch break, ate mashed potatoes, beef jerky, and cold Via coffee, dry out gear from last night, filter water, eat, stretch, storm building, thunder and dark clouds surround us, put on rain gear
1:00 – start walking in the rain, wind, and thunder
1:30 – storm clears, blue skies, take off rain gear, walk downhill 2500 feet for 8 miles
2:30 – hiking downhill in lush, forest next to stream with wildflowers, ate Oskri Coconut Bar
5:30 – break at Seedhouse campground, filter water, eat Three Musketeers bar, bag of cashews
7:15 – set-up camp, rinse off in river, cook split pea soup and rice and beans, eat dessert of hazelnut butter, and ginger tea, Drop n’ Roll reads aloud to our group from romance novel
9:15 – in sleeping bag, start to write trail journal
10:00 – fall asleep while writing journal

Tomorrow is a really BIG day! We are crossing over the Colorado/Wyoming border.











  1. You match the flowers. Did I miss it? What is the name of the romance novel you all are reading?

  2. Aww, I love the new hat! It’s so cool hearing the blow-by-blow of your day’s activities – gives a really clear idea of the amount of energy thru-hiking takes.

  3. Sally/Arrow

    Very cute hat

  4. Hey, your new shirt matches your Dirty Girlz! Nice photos and I loved the blow by blow daily routine. Didn’t see any mention of drinking water though you did filter some. Montana, here you come.

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