July 5 – Steamboat Magic

Be sillly, be honest, be kind.
– Ralph Waldo Emerson

Indian Creek to Steamboat Springs

It always amazes me the giving and goodness of trail angels. To get to Steamboat it is 14 miles and requires hitch hiking. Shortly after starting to hitch a ride, Brad from Bear Mountain Ranch pulled over with Sweetfish and Ninja in the car. It turns out that Wired talked to Brad a few days earlier about setting up a cooler of drinks and goodies for CDT hikers along the highway. The CDT route follows along private property, so the trail is the highway for 14 miles!!!!! Brad is now not only filling a cooler, but also giving hikers rides to and from town. BIG thank you!!!!!

Steamboat is a hopping town with a great public bus system. I spent most of the afternoon in the bathtub soaking away weeks of dirt. After grocery shopping, eating, and enjoying an outdoor Bluegrass concert It is time to sleep in a warm bed with a pillow and a blanket. 🙂



  1. letshike2

    Wow. How exciting for Brad,the Trail Angel, to live right on the CDT! I think Wired has helped open a whole new social and cultural door for him! It would be awesome if he opened a small hostel on his bison ranch! Thanks Brad for helping support the CDT and it’s hikers!

    • Seriously! Trail Angeling is so rewarding and inspiring. It has brought so much to my family’s lives helping PCTers along their way through Tehachapi. Thanks for following along!

  2. Dan Rosander

    Thankful for angels!

  3. You just gotta love those Trail Angels. And this particular one looks quite blessed at his opportunity to share with through hikers. Neato!

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