July 1 – Grand Lake Nero

I just want a pillow and a blanket.
– Love Note CDT thru-hiker

Lake Granby Shoreline to Grand Lake
12 miles

Happy first day of July! Our group of happy campers woke up to wet, foggy weather. We had about a mile more of shoreline hiking, then shortly after getting back on the trail we entered Rocky Mountain National Park and spotted moose. Silly Chili was the brave one and got near enough to get great photos. I will post them later.

The walk into Grand Lake was easy and scenic. We are all staying overnight at the Shadowcliff Hostel and hiking out in the morning. Because the check-in time was not until 3:00 we ate ( a lot) and did laundry and errands in town.

Silly Chili and I were so excited and thankful to get a box of healthy and delicious goodies, fun bubbles , and glitter band aides from Giselle, Elise, and Christiana, 3 sisters and readers of this blog.

Also, we were grateful and looking forward to eating the Montana buffalo jerky sent by my hiking buddy, Arrow.

Such AWESOMENESS!!!! THANK YOU!!!! THANK YOU!!!! We are recharged and ready to head to Steamboat Springs!











  1. You and your son look really happy together. The joy of family is not easily put into words but more adequately expressed in still photo. Those are truly worth a thousand words.

    I spied a TT Notch in one of those photos. It must be a sign. Since my buddy backed out on my trip at the end of the month, I need shelter for one. Oh well, I guess buying new gear isn’t so bad!!!

  2. steve scarano

    Me hopes my envelope got to you.
    Hamburger Helper

    • What resupply town did you send it?

      • steve scarano

        I think it was Grand Lake; I just took a stab at where you’d be, which I assumed would be the same as Wired’s itinerary. I think I also had her name on the envelope. I can send it again if you give me a date and address.

  3. Yay! So glad the box arrived OK.

  4. Sally/Arrow

    Glad you like the buffalo jerky . It is a little chewy but has a good taste

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