June 29 – What Trail?

Security is mostly a superstition. It does not exist in nature, nor do the children of men as a whole experience it. Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure. Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing.”
—Helen Keller

Berthoud Pass to Rollins Pass

Man oh man a good night’s sleep, clean clothes, and a hot shower CAN make all the difference. Today Silly Chili, Sweetfish, and I hitched back to the trail head. We all decided to take the challenging route that stays up on the divide and is a cross-country route with no trail. Silly Chili was down because there be some class 3 climbing and demanding terrain that included climbing five peaks: Mt. Flora, Mt. Eva, Parry Peak, Mt. Bancroft, and James Peak.

Weather moved in quickly this morning. We hiked through driving rain, thunder, wind, and some snow. Crossing a talus field the rocks were slippery from the rain. I fell a couple times and broke my beloved hiking pole. 🙁

Both of us had a great time, but it was slow going. After rejoining the regular CDT we soon discovered that there is no real trail, just large cairns spread out to mark the hikers way. This got very tiring. We are camped at Rollins Pass trail head with Drop n’ Roll, Strider, and Love Note.

More weather is moving in tomorrow. Should be very interesting.


















  1. That last photo is a little scary looking. Sorry you broke your pole, and hope you’ll be able to replace it before too long.

  2. Wow! Amazing, you are making me want to through hike more and more! We were hiking up James Peak ourselves on 6/29 and turned around just shy of the summit because of the weather! From your pictures it looks like we were just over on James as you were climbing Bancroft. I am glad you made it through OK!

  3. Goodness! That looks like my kind of trail. I’ll try to ship a new pole tomorrow. You Rock!

  4. You are so tough! Class 3 is not for me. Especially with a loaded pack on. Like others have said, you are so inspiring. Be safe and have as much fun as you can!!

    I bet if Dan called Gossamer Gear that they’d help you out with your broken pole. An hopefully it’ll reach you quickly.

  5. Sally/Arrow

    So glad you are somewhat recharged

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