June 28 – The Best and the Worst

One of the hardest parts of life is deciding whether to walk away or try harder.

Herman Gulch to Fraser (Rocky Mountain Chalet)
18.5 miles

I woke up tired, really tired. This is really the first day I felt weary to the bone since starting the Continental Divide. What I really wanted was a hot shower, lots of lotion, and no uphill climbs. None of them were in immediate sight.

On the other hand, the trail was pristine and followed the divide for much of the day. High elevation with views that go on forever. It should have been the best of days. My kind of trail. My discouraging thoughts even got the best of me. Motivation and positive thinking were on the low side.

We planned to go into Fraser to buy more food at Safeway. which is 14 miles from the trail then quickly go back to the trail. We got a wonderful hitch from a couple that loves to hike. All I kept thinking of is a warm bed, clean clothes, and a hot shower. After shopping at Safeway, Sweetfish told me about the Rocky Mountain Chalet, a hostel across the street. I quickly talked Silly Chili into staying and getting back on the trail tomorrow morning. The hostel is amazing: clean, spacious, and newer.

Silly Chili has 3 more weeks on his online classes. He is writing another paper and taking a quiz as I am writing this. It really is quite impressive that he is able to accomplish this while on the trail, in his tent at night with the help of an iPad. Thank you for following along, commenting, and encouraging us.

Life is good now and tomorrow will be a better day.










  1. You guys are doing awesome! That is very impressive that Silly Chilly is getting all that work done on the trail. Congrats on the Grays and Torreys summit. The time I tried to climb those mountains we started from Loveland Pass (Very much not the standard route) on a very cold and windy September day. We didn’t make it. It was a long route and we made it as far as Grizzly Peak (?), which was at least a 13er. It was so difficult in that weather! I’m impressed by your accomplishments in Colorado!

  2. My husband gave me some good advice a while ago: learn to listen to your body and take care of yourself. That’s so important on the trail and it sounds like you’ve mastered it. Way to go Silly Chili! You’ll go far in life! And again, beautiful photos, especially the first one.

  3. The Beekeeper (aka Jan aka roaming angel in bright pink hat)

    You continue to be my inspiration! You both are amazing!!!! Definitely best to listen to your body and soul, this is YOUR adventure afterall and it’s important to HYOH. Although fun to be in a group, it’s such a fab opportunity to spend such quality time with your son doing what you both love. Making memories and enjoying this journey is what life is all about, go Rockin’ and Silly Chili!!!!! Love these posts and now off to my happy place . . . .

  4. Sally/Arrow

    Silly Chilly is awesome too … runs in the family

  5. Sally/Arrow

    Rest is good . If there is anything I have learned from my recent challenge , it is I have to listen to my body . The trail isn’t going anywhere . It will be there tomorrow and you will be too , more refreshed and able to enjoy the fabulous hike that you are so very lucky to be able to do . I am sending you all of the encouraging energy I can muster ! You are awesome

  6. Snakebait

    There are the best of times, and those times when we have to focus on the joy of just being where you are. It’s OK to start later, and walk shorter. You have a while yet, and if mileage is your only goal, then a car and a road will do the job just as well. However, that has never been for you. The easy is just common place. The joy of being in the vistas through which you walk is all the more memorable, now, but particularly in the future when your achievements sink in.

    Have a great night/walk 2morrow. You can do it, easily and effortlessly, like the day before, and the day before that.


    Noel and Ulrike

  7. steve scarano

    Regarding “try harder vs walk away” (hold ’em or fold ’em, eh?):
    MT 6:34 and JERE 29:11-12 maybe?
    Your stories fill me, Rockin’.
    Hamburger Helper

  8. “May you be blessed with helium in your pack and springs in your shoes”. -Awesome comment

  9. I think that Silly Chilly is the admiration of us all. I’d love to be able to, in some small way, to multi-task like that for sure. Grant is just taking it all in stride. Kudos. Christy, glad that you could get into town for a quick recharge. I hope that it really gets you back in shape mentally and physically. Go Team RSC (Rockin’SillyChilly)!

  10. I am very impressed by your son. My wife is an LPN. I remember vividly the stress and the assignment load she dealt with going through school.

    As for you. I think you did the right thing. Taking a break in the hostel, cleaning up, and rebooting for tomorrow.

    You put so much into your hike. Pushing your limits daily and on top of it you feed your followers by posting blogs daily too. You need to feed your soul too. And nothing makes a warn out, dirty, tied soul feel refreshed as fast as a hot shower and a comfy bed.

    Bless you for taking us with you. Your words and pictures do so much for us, beyond defining. Thank you. May you be blessed with helium in your pack and springs in your shoes.

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