June 25 – The Trail Divides

June 25
Breckenridge to Georgia Pass
20 miles

Today was an awesome day: gentle uphill grade to Georgia Pass, shaded forest, trail magic where the Colorado and Continental Divide Trail separate into 2 trails, and best of all I finally met Monkey and Mama Bear! Monkey and Mama Bear are hiking the Colorado Trail. Monkey is the youngest to thru- hiker to finish the Pacific Crest Trail. Last school year my middle-school class interviewed her online. It was a big highlight!

Last night the barbecue was a feast of healthy foods and had quite a few 2011 PCTers. It was the high snow year and a big deal to complete it.

Breckenridge was a fun ski town to explore and experience. I recommend eating at Fatty’s, Clint’s, Daylight Donuts, and staying at the Fireside Bed and Breakfast. Also there is a free public bus and gondola system to get around the area.

Tomorrow we are entering back into the high alpine tundra.









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  2. Dan Rosander

    So cool you met up with Monkey and Mama Bear, that had to be a real highlight. Awesome story for your next tHInK outsidE class.

  3. Sally/Arrow

    I am back with Internet and enjoying your journey

  4. The Dirty Girls shot is pretty cool. Got a pair of LevaGaiters on order now. Can’t wait to try out. And leave those little pesky sticks and rocks outta my trail runners. Nice photos as always. You look happy and stoked. Keep it up!

  5. Frank Blangeard

    I am trying to imagine the ‘healthy foods’ served at Fatty’s, Daylight Donuts, and a barbecue!

  6. We loved meeting you on the trail! Monkey declared that you are “awesome” and we both hope we can meet up again sometime. Best of luck on the rest of your hike!

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