June 23 – Breckenridge Break


Copper Mountain Resort to Breckenridge
11 miles

Yesterday at Copper Mountain we ate A LOT of delicious food and then camped beneath the upcoming 3000 foot climb that would be reckoned with the next morning.

I started early to enjoy a very cold and demanding climb and then cruised downhill to the trailhead that leads to Breckenridge, our resupply town. I love crisp new morning air.

Last night the moon was closest to the Earth and bathed all of our group in bright light all night long. I don’t think anyone got a good night’s rest.

I am staying at the Fireside Bed and Breakfast. I just love it here. I am super excited to get new shoes (Brooks Cascadias), new Dirty Girl Gaitors (thanks Dirty Girl), and a pair of smaller pants in my resupply box. I am clean, well-fed (again), and looking forward to a warm soft bed. Silly talked me into taking a zero rest day tomorrow and going to a barbecue that Strider, Love Note, and Drop n’ Roll have planned. Wired is ready to hike on so we are hoping to catch up to her at Steamboat Springs. I am looking forward to exploring the cute little town of Breckenridge.






  1. I bet them dogs’ feel good in their new shoes. And the DGs look pretty cool too. Now you’ll have that spring in your step for sure! I like your sign at the Resort as well. Dan beat me to it.

  2. Dan Rosander

    Christy Sports, how cool is that! You’re Rockin’ those Dirty Girls, striding in style!

  3. The Beekeeper (aka Jan aka roaming angel in bright pink hat)

    Looks like you are mastering your new camera. The photos have been gorgeous!

    • Thanks. I can’t wait to see what they look like on a computer full resolution. Posting from an iPhone is limiting. Glad you like them.

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