June 19 – Twin Lakes Heaven

Clean is a good thing.

Clear Creek Road at Lulu Gulch to Twin Lakes
14.5 miles

BIG moment. Wired crossed her 1000 mile mark. It is a big deal and we took the time to celebrate in the early morning.

Hope Pass was my challenge for the day climbing from 9,000 feet to 12,400 within 3 miles. Tough but beautiful. To get to Twin Lakes, a very small town for our next resupply we dropped elevation, then decided on a short cut that of course had a challenge of it’s own. The route cut through several small streams and a swift, cold river.

We are staying at the newly remodeled Twin Lakes Hostel. It is clean and spacious. I highly recommend the stay. After finishing a huge burger this afternoon at the inn’s restaurant, Silly Chili came strolling in. It was fun hearing of his dilemmas: popped air mattress, thunder and lightening storms, and cold wet nights. But it was agreed by all that this was by far the most beautiful country any of us had ever experienced. So great to be hiking with him again.

Tomorrow we are climbing ‘Mt. Elbert the highest 14er in Colorado. The CDT skirts around the peak, so most CDTers take the opportunity to summit.

Thru-hikers often get blisters, cuts, and splits. Silly Chili’s and mine are starting to heal up. Thank goodness.
















  1. Ow, ow, ow, but glad you’re healing. Lovely area. Congrats to Erin on her 1000 miles, way to go!

  2. Love the healing wound pics. It’s a side of hiking that brings a lot of memories back for me. Of course many of mine were actually inflicted by my brother rather than the trail,(ie.fighting over the hatchet, or not remembering I was 5′ away on the same river as him when he decided to cast his line. stabbing me on accident while whittling…..sorta stuff). Congrats to Wired on the grand,

  3. Neat and (K)narly. Get healed up. -Very awesome territory as displayed in your awesome photos.

  4. letshike2

    Ouch! Put some super glue on the finger cut and it will stay clean and it also will not hurt as bad when you bump it. or liquid bandaid. Great pics! Happy Trails!

    • Those stupid cuts are painful! What is really stupid is I am carrying Nu Skin that works perfectly, but did not put it on. Thanks for sharing tips.

  5. Yeeks – quite the trail wounds! Glad they’re healing up.
    Welcome back, Silly Chili!

  6. Sally/Arrow

    Looks beautiful ! Congrats to Wired on the first 1000

  7. So glad Silly found you! Ouch, just looking at the blistered body parts brings me pain.

  8. Dan Rosander

    Congrats to Wired on the 1000! That lodge looks fun, glad to see you’re reunited with Silly. Beautiful country. Enjoy that 14er!

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