June 10 – 13 Walking with Silly Chili

Post by Silly Chili

So I know everyone is dying to know how my solo adventure went, so per request of Rockin’ I have agreed to share some details about my time on the trail. In short, I had a wonderful time. It was great getting to spend a little time hiking my own hike so to speak. I got to hike at my own pace and stop whenever I wanted (which in my case was hardly ever). The terrain was pretty mild and most of the hike was in trees, so I was really able to just cruise down the trail. Developing a custom Silly Chili hiking system was pretty fun. On tuesday I was able to hike 38 miles, which made me feel pretty accomplished. However, most of the reason for the high mileage was because of the lack of water sources. Once I ran out of water I had no choice but to just keep walking till I found some… that made for somewhat of a dramatic afternoon. I did make it to water that night, and had no problem drinking a whole 2 liters once I had spent a painfully long time filtering it (Wired’s water filter is not very high functioning). It wasn’t until the morning that I realized I had camped only about 100 yards shy of a soda cash…dang. In regards to camping, I loved how uncomplicated it was to end a day and find a campsite. Finding a spot for one tent is much simpler than finding spots for three. I could also hike as long as I wanted (usually 7-7:30). I still woke up early (4:30ish) because one of my favorite things about being on the trail is experiencing the morning. I love the sunrise, and seeing it while hiking always make it feel earned. I also hike fastest in the morning. I just wish it wasn’t cold as %#*!

So you all will be happy to know that I am alive and well. Solo hiking was a blast. I will actually be starting this next week solo again as well. The rest of the group will be leaving a whole day ahead of me, but I will hopefully be able to catch them within a few days.



  1. Soooo glad to hear from you and know you are doing well. I guess I am the only one that doesn’t realize your abilities as I haven’t experienced hiking with you. Good luck this next week. Praying for all of you.

  2. Well, I’ll definitely have to agree with John Donaldson above.

    And glad you made it alright despite not having adequate water. You must be a camel of some sort. I don’t think most of us could have hiked as far as you did with no water. And congratulations on the 38 miles. I know I don’t even go that far in four days. So good on ya’ and your HYOH. I’m sure you’ve made your father happy on Fathers Day to hear you are OK.

  3. John Donaldson

    Amazing how peaceful and quiet it is when you are by yourself and in tune with what God has made!

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