June 10 – Saying Goodbye

The question isn’t who’s going to let me; It’s who is going to stop me.
– Ayn Rand

Spring Creek Pass to Mineral Creek
10.5 Miles

Beacon again generously gave us a ride back to the trail head. Silly is hiking this next section ahead solo and fast. It was strange saying good-bye and watching him hike away. Hiking solo is a whole other animal. It will be interesting to hear his stories when we all get back together in Salida in 6 days.

The first part of the hike today was through bright green groves of aspens. Trekking uphill in Colorado’s high elevation still makes me short of breath and a bit dizzy. It isn’t fun being the slowest on the uphill. Embarrassing really. Wired and I looked at the maps for tomorrow and we are going down to 10,000 feet elevation. That will be a nice change.

I haven’t really talked about gear or food on the CDT yet. If you have followed my trail journals in past summers, you will recall that I try to add what my take is while using the gear on trail. This is the first tip and it comes from Wired.

To tell which way your head should go when pitching your tent, just lay down on the spot you are thinking of placing your tent and see how it feels. This really does work.







  1. No need to be embarrassed about shortness of breath. I still do the same when I walk my neighborhood and we’re only at 2500 feet.

  2. Oh, wired. Always full of the off the wall cool tips. I will have try that one this next week when I get out for few days on the trail.
    I know your pain, but I am opposite. I love the high elevations and the up hill. I just about killed my buddy last weekend cruzing up 1000′ in elev. in just over .6 of a mile. He payed me back on the way down. he told me at the bottom that he wanted my knees to feel what his lungs felt in the way up. Lol.

  3. Sally/Arrow

    I know the high elevation has been a challenge but having hiked with you for years, you are anything but slow!!!

  4. It’s not good-bye, it’s see you later. I hope! I can’t wait to hear the stories as well. Happy for your downhill!

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