June 9 – Big Miles, Clear Skies, and No Snow

You don’t have to go fast.
You just have to go.

Cataract Lake to Spring Creek Pass
23 miles

Yep, you read it right 23 miles. With no snow, high terrain, and the lull of our resupply in Lake City with a warm bed and hot food we sailed. Burrito, a solo CDTer hiked with us today. She is super fit and really nice. Our packs are now lighter because we sent our snow gear home. It is reported that most of the snow has melted up ahead. I thought of my hiking friend Arrow most of the day today. She would have loved the open expanses, views, and wildness of the land. We hit the high point of the Colorado Trail at 13, 274. Wired and I had fun taking a pic on the cairn.

As I hiked today I felt full of happiness and emotion. It was a bit overwhelming.

When we arrived at Spring Lake Pass, Beacon again came to the rescue to give us the 14 mile ride into Lake City. So great! Thank you Beacon once again.

Wired, Silly Chili and I are staying at the Matterhorn Motel in Lake City. It is clean and has a great hot tub. We are leaving tomorrow for the next 6 day leg of the trip with the next stop in Salida. Silly Chili will be going ahead of us fast to make it to Salida in 5 days where he has an appointment. He will be flying. I haven’t mentioned that Silly Chili is taking 2 online college courses while hiking the trail. The classes are required for the nursing program he is starting in August. He is even hauling an iPad and heavy books in his pack. Pretty impressive.

Thank you again for following along and for your comments. I so appreciate your encouraging words, thoughts, and recommendations. I will be staying in Salida for a day and hopefully will be able to reply back to some of your comments. Thank you. Thank you.









  1. I’m loving your blog. I found you thru Wired’s blog which I’m also following, and love reading her’s too! I had to check out where you guys are, as there are wildfires in Colorado, but thankfully, not anywhere near where you all are. And you aren’t headed towards them either!
    I want to hike like that one day! I still have kids in high school, so a couple more years, and then I am off! Meanwhile, I’ll read, and figure out some smaller trips.

    • Melissa,
      Thank you for your information and following along. It is a concern we always need to be aware of. BTW: I started long distance hiking when my youngest went to college. All you need is do is keep dreaming. Ya never know one of your kids might just tag along. 🙂 Thanks you for sharing.

      • letshike2

        I also linked your Blog through Wired when I found her PCT Journal. It is awesome to see your son hike with you. My youngest is a high school freshmen and I plan on hiking the PCT after his first year of college. I keep planting the seed in his brain to go with me or at the very least section hike some of it with me. Not because I am against hiking solo but I dont want my kids to wait for adventures like me! Thanks for bringing us all along on your adventure! HAPPY TRAILS

        • letshike2, great comments. Let the kids get started early while they are very healthy and agile and can fully enjoy their adventures and learn to appreciate all that is before them. Though work is very important, and we should do it well, life is not only about the work.

    • letshike2

      I have 4 years and my baby goes to college! I also have long distance hiking on my mind for the empty nest years; so much that my backpack is filled and ready to go! Rockin has become an inspiration to many female hikers!

  2. I am soooooo loving your pictures. And in truth I am glad you are going picture heavy.
    1) you have always taken great pictures that inspire me to get out.
    2) I am following several blogs (wired, DnR+N, LN, Train, and a few of the pct’ers) and i am starting to get confused as to which ones I have already read for the day. :-).
    Go Silly Chilly GO !!!! Get your school’n on !!!

    Thanks for all the inspiration

  3. Sally/Arrow

    Thank you for thinking of me

    • I cried right on the trail when I read this. You have no idea how much Wired and I have thought and vicariously walked with you. Thank you for your incentive to keep on keeping on.
      Thanks you for sharing yourself.

  4. The title of this thread just makes ya wanna say “Ya whoooo!!!!”. I bet that’s what you all said too. Go!Rockin’!Go and Silly!Chilli! too.

  5. Yellowstone

    You have a wonderful heart and spirit, Rockin’. …. I begin my missed PCT miles on July 13, starting with Whitney. Going up Cottonwood Pass to the PCT.
    Best to you. Hike on!

    • YELLOWSTONE! Your hike is going to be epic. You are in for some amazing territory. One of my goals is to do the JMT every year. It IS that good. Best to you too.

  6. Tell Silly Chili he gives a whole new meaning to the term “distance learning!” I am vicariously “there” (with the added help of Morten Lauridsen’s “Lux Aeterna” playing in the background). Did a 23 mile day some years ago, though it was unintended (poor trail posting on AT) and included 102 degree heat, high humidity, and a “picturesque” road walk of 18 miles in Pennsylvania. Not *nearly* as beautiful as your day! Looking forward to more posts as you bring us on your journey.

    • Okay THAT was a challenging day!!!! Seriously.
      I will certainly let Silly Chili know. He is currently writing a paper that is due tomorrow. 🙂

  7. Hi Rockin’

    Your blog and pictures are so inspiring. Thank you so much for sharing this experience with us. I wrote on Wired’s blog that hers lifts me up and gives me hope that one day I will get to be the one hiking and blogging from the trail; your blog does the same.

    I am in grad school right now, and I cannot imagine taking classes while on a long hike. I am exhausted enough as it is just taking classes (grad school is no joke, that’s for sure!). Tell Silly Chilli that he is inspiring and as kick ass as well!

    I hope to meet you in a few years when I hike the PCT. Until then, happy hiking!

    • Ah I am so looking forward to meeting you. You know where to find us. Personally I was hoping the online courses would slow him down. Not so much.

  8. Whoa – carrying books and an iPad? Crazy stuff!
    I love that you include panorama shots – gives just a little taste of the bigness of everything.

  9. steve scarano

    It was fun to see the photo of Wired holding the yellow pages of trail quotes I mailed to her at Ghost Ranch. Did she tell you the tissue story? Your own stories are epic; I appreciate the emotional insights, and greatly value the scripture reflections. Hamburger Helper.

  10. Desolate and beautiful country.

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