June 8 – Magic on the Trail

Be joyful always. I Thessalonians 5:16

Stoney Pass to Cataract Lake
10.4 miles

Last night we had the most amazing stay overnight at the home of trail angels, Wiffer and Gogi. After reaching Stoney Pass yesterday in the late afternoon, we hitched a ride with 2 outdoor adventurists into Silverton on a very steep jeep road. Wiffer then picked us up in town and drove us outside Silverton to her home. Wiffer and Gogi opened their home to us with showers, laundry, hot tub, delicious nutritious food, mail drop for resupply boxes, and Internet. CDT hikers Whopping Stick and Ross were also staying. My husband and I have hosted many PCTers in our home. Being on the receiving end was super fun.

This afternoon Wiffer drove us back up to the trail head on the historic and very steep dirt road. Thank you Wiffer and Gogi!!!

This afternoon’s hiking was easier, less demanding, and continued staying high over 12,000 feet in elevation with BIG open spaces. I am feeling better each day in this high elevation.

We were joined tonight at our campsite with CDT hiker, Burrito and 2 Colorado Trail hikers.












  1. Lovin’ all the happy faces. Glad to see them. Great photos of folk and places. And glad to hear you are doing better at altitude. -Is the green tent in the last photo (bottom right) a Skyscape X?

    • Yes it is!!!!! I have lots to say about it, but would like to test it in high winds and rain before giving my take on the tent. It is super light, easy to set up, and roomy enough for me.

  2. Those clouds are just stunning. Looks like the fun is beginning!

  3. Been following Rockin’ and Wired for months after I discovered I can’t access hard PCT materials in TX. The blogs are inspiring and after hiking/climbing/backpacking in OR/WA for years, they’re presently my lifeline. Pics are wonderful as I’ve seen few of the CDT! Know that I keep ya’ll in my thoughts daily pertaining to safety and the usual trail challenges.

    • Thank you Neil. This is wild brutal country. Crazy.
      So glad our journals have been helpful. Please let us know if you need any other info that we may not have posted. Glad to hear from you.

  4. I am so happy to see you having such a good time on trail! Looking at your blog makes me miss the trail so much. I have been super excited for your cdt blog this year because no one quite captures adventures like you do! Best of luck!


    • TOTEM!!!!!! Hope grad school is going well for you. I can only imagine how it does feel. Just think a year ago you were doing the same thing. Thanks for the good words. You know how hard it is to hike the trail and keep up an online trail journal. Thank you for following! Hope you are out there on the weekends.

  5. Sally/Arrow

    That looks beautiful

  6. I love the alpine area. Glad you’re feeling better there.

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