June 5 – Teamwork

Snow provokes responses that reach right back to childhood.” —Andy Goldsworthy

Saddle east of small spring to Squaw Lake Intersection
14.5 miles

Wired and I got an early start to tackle Knifes Edge, a difficult, extremely steep, and icy snow crossing. After a successful traverse of Knifes Edge, we found Silly Chili waiting for us high on a ridge. He had a nice night camped by himself.

We have been seeing periodically on the trail a great group of CDT thru-hikers that Wired has been hiking with: Sweetfish, Strider, Ninja, Drop.n’ Roll, and Love Note. They are all super nice and work together as a team.

The Weminuche Wilderness area is high, large and diverse. The mountains seem to have many shapes, colors, and sizes. A sad thing that has happened to much of the forest is a beetle has killed literally most of the trees, making the forest a very spooky place. The Continental Divide Trail fortunately stays high on the divide. The altitude and air here feels like 14,000 feet when it is only at 12,000, making it very hard for me to breath when climbing uphill. It is startling and very humbling.

BTW: Snow can be very challenging to hike on.













  1. Great photos. That second photo of Wired on the steep, snowy mountainside really gave perspective to what you were dealing with. Stay safe (all of you).

  2. Sally/Arrow

    You are doing awesome !!!! You are hiking in some challenging conditions ! Your photos are beautiful ! Keep on rockin!

    • Boy howdy we are. You would love it. I look forward to your comments. You KNOW how hard it is to do this kind of terrain. One foot in front of the other.

  3. Sorry about the altitude! Seriously, ugh! Those damn beetles!!!! When we were in Colorado @ whatever national park was there it was the same thing. Nothing by beetles trees as far as the eye could see. Spooky AND devastating!

  4. These pictures surely show how much work it is to hike this area. Wow, I am exhausted just reading about your challenges. Slow down Silly Chili and smell the roses!

  5. Laurie Black

    Love your posts and love the black & white pic. Adds flavor! You are doing great and just know you will get better physically soon! Thanks for sharing your hike with us. Laurie

  6. Love the photos Rockin! Say hi to Wired for me!


  7. Snakebait

    Keep up the good work. Altitude is such a challenge until you acclimatise. One foot in front of the other until you do. Wishing you the sleep of the just. No coffee for SC!

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