June 3 – Walking with a Fun Team

“Starting is half finishing”
– Robert D. Smith

Continental Divide Trail – Starting east of Pagosa Springs
Wolf Creek Pass to 1 mile after Sawtooth Intersection Weminuche Wilderness
15.2 miles

The trip to Pagosa Springs went smooth and finally meeting with Wired to start our journey was so great! Silly Chili and I believed in starting our 2 month trek in style. Last night before even taking one step on the trail we celebrated by hot tubbing at The Overlook with a large group of thru-hikers and eating lamb and goat burgers at the Riff Raff in Pagosa Springs.

This morning we were generously given a ride to the Wolf Creek Pass Trailhead by Beacon, a long distance hiker and trail angel. Thank you Beacon.

Today was about as good and as diverse as it gets in our hiking world. Great company, very challenging terrain, gorgeous weather, lightening storm, post holing in the snow, walking over tall mounds of snow, crossing steep snowy terrain, eating delicious food, and sharing laughter with each other. We all agreed at the end of this day we felt like we had been on the trail together for a few days not just the first of many.













  1. I’m so excited to be reading about your adventures with Wired (I follow her blog, too) and your son! You guys are awesome, and your pictures are great. I envy your camera and your photography skills. Thanks for being awesome.

    • Oh man thanks for your super nice compliments. I do wish the pics posted were the better quality. When I post from my iPhone the quality is reduced dramatically!!!!!!! Thanks for following along!

  2. Sally/Arrow

    Oh that looks beautiful

  3. Glad you two finally are out on the trail with Wired. I hope that you have an amazing two months. I guess that it must be cold since you all are wearing insulation and rain jackets. Keep warm and have the time of your lives!

    • It IS super cold! I believe in the 20s at night and maybe 40s and 50s during the day. I have a super warm sleeping bag, but am still sleeping in my down jacket, beanie, and gloves.


    This makes me feel amazing. You are so genuine and amazing. I know you will have an amazing trip. Keep on keeping on:)

    • Ahhhhh, my Amy! You know this is a great opportunity for a geography lesson for Parker and Damara. Where in the heck is Mrs. Rosander???? Love your support!

  5. snakebait

    Wow! As if you needed reminding Rockin’, you have energy to burn!

  6. The Beekeeper (aka Jan aka roaming angel in bright pink hat)

    CONGRATS on finally being on the trail and being with Wired. So excited for you. Love the picture with the 3 of you in a row. I’ll have to remember that option. Also, love the one with you glissading. What FUN you are having, keep making memories and thanks for sharing the delicious photos.

    • Guess what Beekeeper? I am post holing in the and snow. That is how hard it is to walk in that stuff. Hope you are out there enjoying the outdoors.

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