Oh the Places We’ll Go

Rockin and Silly Chili
Rockin and Silly Chili after Finishing 108 Miles in 3 1/2 Days on the PCT – 2012

Flying is not what it used to be. You see it has been quite some time since I have flown, 18 years to be exact. Sitting gazing out the plane’s window I am enjoying the natural formations of the land from a bird’s eye. But this plane is packed, cramped, and not a single person seems happy. Grant says it is because it is early in the morning. I don’t believe it. Come on, everyone has got to be going somewhere they are excited about. Really? Getting through the airport was super efficient. I just loved checking a duffle bag full of ice axes, crampons, knives, and pointy trail poles. A bag full of weaponry, the best kind. Oh and all the security checks were interesting, very. People really have the system down. I kept looking for instructional signs with details on what to do. Grant just quietly gave quick instructions as we passed through each check point, which was super helpful. I felt like an out of it little kid.

As I sit here my heart is racing from excitement in anticipation of actually starting our journey. I cannot believe the time has come. My inbox is zero, another school year is finished, and my to do lists have disappeared. Quite amazing really.

After we arrive in Durango we have a shuttle service taking us to Pagosa Springs. The best part is we will be meeting Wired, my hiker friend and super blogger. Many of you are very familiar with her adventure as she has just finished hiking through all of New Mexico. Silly Chili and I will be joining a fun and experienced group of CDT thru-hikers to trek through the snowy San Juan Mountain Range. Super scary and awesome. We can’t wait to meet everyone.

This summer I will again be posting an online trail journal bringing pics, experiences, videos, and hopefully entertainment.
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  1. snakebait

    You go girl. Have a great time. I love the fact you and Silly Chilli are hiking together. Enjoy.

  2. Glad that you are OFF on a new adventure. As others have said, we’ll be doing the same though vicariously more than not for me anyway. Have the time of your life and glad that Silli is with you. Rock on Rockin’ and Silli!!

  3. I am picturing in my mind where you are as John and I have been up there, having traveled the Durango train. Very beautiful country. So glad you arrived safely without any bad flight experiences. Hear a certain young lady was at the airport to send you off. Pretty cool. Happy trails. We will be praying for your safety and good health.

  4. And….YOU’RE OFF! Which means, so am I (vicariously, of course).

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