Operation: Food

I am about to just take a bear canister full of trail mix.
~Silly Chili

Thanks to an overwhelming response by you the readers on the blog post, The Crunch…the Challenges I was well armored with tips and ideas to go gluten and dairy free on my upcoming Continental Divide Trail hike. Thank you, thank you for sharing your links, encouragement, videos, articles, and personal experiences.

Planning food for a long distance hike is tiring, draining, and challenging. How does one know what food and amounts that will be embraced in a couple of weeks, a month, or 2 months? Scary stuff.

What food did I end up with? I am really excited. Here are a few highlights (I will be posting more details later):

  • Breakfast: Plant based protein powder, powdered rice milk, chia seeds, flax meal, hemp seeds and a VIA coffee all in a snack size Ziploc
  • Snacks: Lara Bars (Costco has a killer deal now), Kind Bars, vegetable chips, kale chips, nuts (all kinds), coconut, freeze-dried fruit, dried peas and green beans
  • Lunch: Home dehydrated tuna, salmon, and chicken, Justins Almond Butter and Peanut Butter, Organic Beef Jerky, Mary’s Gluten Free Crackers
  • Dinner: Home dehydrated spaghetti with meat sauce and rice noodles (this is my favorite), Teriyaki  Chicken, Chili with Fritos, Quinoa with veggies, Quinoa with beans of all kinds, Bob’s Red Mill Creamy Potatoes, Thai Lemon grass and Ginger, Justins Hazelnut Butter (for dessert)

Silly Chili’s food experience:
First off you must know my son is a health nut, so we both match perfectly. He started the week-long food extravaganza with zest and gusto, but soon succumbed to the sheer weight of decision-making: how much, what combos, how to pack it, and how to organize it. My strategy was just let him explore on his own. It is what all long distance hikers must face. After a rough first day of food prep, things turned around. He started dehydrating like a maniac, created new food combos, and actually enjoyed the process. Silly Chili chose not to label what is in each dinner by choice. He is looking forward to a surprise each night on the trail.

Silly Chili and I will be on a plane headed to Durango, CO tomorrow morning to embark upon new unknown CDT territory. We both are seeking all that the CDT will throw at us: the good, the beauty, the snow, the people, the hikers, the defeats, and the challenges. Bring it on.

Assembling 56 Breakfasts
Assembling Resupply Food Boxes
Assembling Resupply Food Boxes
The Before - Rockin's and Silly Chili's Trail Food
The Before – Rockin’s and Silly Chili’s Trail Food
Organizing Maps for Resupply Boxes
Organizing Maps for Resupply Boxes
The After - Resupply Central
The After – Resupply Central


  1. Hey Rockin’ — quick question. I love your morning breakfast shake idea, and I want to steal it. How much protein powder and powdered milk do you use in your mix?

  2. Wow, all them bags stress me out! I’ll be getting ready for a trip soon, but not for even a fraction of those days. Still, can’t wait. And can’t wait to hear you and Wired blogging back and forth about what’s happening out there in CO. GoRockinGo! And Silly Chilli Too!!

  3. Good job! You guys look well organized. I’m looking forward to hearing about your adventures. Wired’s trip through New Mexico was amazing. Oh, and your son? Very handsome 😉

    • Why thank you. He is really funny too! We hit the trail tomorrow with Wired. I am excited to follow along you great adventure that will be coming up. Thanks for posting and following along.

  4. I am so excited for you

  5. Trail mix in a bear can, or- peanut butter? Excited for you both-hope to cross your path! Hike well, be safe-Chinchilla

    • Grant and I are so counting on more than crossing your paths. Lets plan on it. I am hoping to be at Old Faithful around the 1st of August. Given your start date when do you think we will meet?

      Mmmmmmm peanut butter…messy, but it could work with a big spoon!

  6. Karen Halvorsen

    Wishing you and Grant good luck on your new adventure. I will be traveling with you on your website. Love Mom

  7. snakebait

    Silly Chilli rocks! Think about all the weight of packaging he’ll be saving,

  8. How fun to be hiking with your son. That must be a really cool experience. I can’t wait to follow your adventures. I have been following Wired, and I followed you both on the 2011 PCT (and your blog for 2012), and i’m really exciting to be reading again. I promise that I will post comments more often (as I have only been doing that recently). I think it’s SUPER COOL that you get to have these awesome journeys during your summer months off, and you are a pretty big inspiration for me to get out there and hike and do what I love as well. I hope you and your son have a safe flight to Colorado. Happy hiking!!!!

    • Hello Erin thank you for sharing! It is always great to hear from readers and what you are doing. We had a safe trip and are ready to hit the trail tomorrow! Thank you for following along. So great you are getting out and doing things you love!

  9. I am so impressed. What an awesome task. I wish you both the most fun ever, safety, and good health. You will be missed. We love you lots.

  10. Skyward (Teresa)

    Awesome-good to know, I’ve been trying the gluten free also. Kind bars are the best, and I love quinoa, haven’t tried dehydrating it, but I will. Best of luck on your start!

    • Thanks Skyward! By dehydrating the Quinoa it only takes hot water to cook. No cooking for 15 minutes. Super nutritious and delicious. I have high hopes. Thanks for the well wishes. Happy trails this summer to you.

      • The Beekeeper (aka Jan aka roaming angel in bright pink hat)

        I’ve been using Quinoa in my dehydrated meals and it’s fab! Just got back from a weekend with Chili Quinoa and Turkey Teriyaki Quinoa – YUM!

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