Gratitude – The Gift of Today

When I was a kid, life would sometimes spin out of control. My mom would say “Christy, you need a tune-up.” Lately, I have needed precisely that, a re-boot of sorts. Moving Art by filmmaker Louie Schwartzberg created this gorgeous gift. The one I precisely needed. Not in the mood for a tune-up? Then outdoor people the first 38 seconds is worth a look. There is so much to smile about, grateful I am…

So much wisdom and beauty spoke directly to me.

“When you get more imagination it makes you want to go deeper in, so you can get more and see more beautifuler things”

What words spoke to you?


  1. PCT Trail Angel Where's Chris

    Thank you for sharing. You may enjoy the original video source:

    There are several wonderful videos and inspirational thoughts on the their website:


  2. Congratulations, Lady on a Rock. I have nominated your blog for the 2012 Blog of the Year award. Rules can be found at

  3. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing it.

  4. A beautiful reminder that each day and everything in it is a blessing.

  5. Amazing. Thank you!!!!! It helped me to breath.

  6. Thank you. Just what I needed.

    • Michael Gushulak

      Thanks for posting this beautiful video. I was feeling a little depressed today and now I’m feeling uplifted and happy.

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