tHInK outsidE

Think Outside

I love and am thankful for these two little guys: their imagination, sense of adventure, eagerness to explore outside, and general excitement of simple things.  I am also thankful for Georgia Peaches, their constant guardian and companion.

Sharing the outdoors is my passion. I think good information and planning leads to safe and happy outdoor adventures. I am super excited to start a new curriculum project with a companion website designed just for students and teachers to experience, learn, and teach about thru-hiking the Pacific Crest Trail. Student lessons will explore a variety of topics using technology, field trips, and media focusing on: navigation, survival, gear, trail maintenance, environment, physical preparation, and food.

A couple of weeks ago I asked my Lady on a Rock Facebook page readers for suggestions on a curriculum name. Thanks to some pretty creative suggestions, the website has a name. Many thanks to Chris D.!

Stay tuned…
“tHInK outsidE”
will be up and running soon.


  1. Ah! Love! Georgia Peaches! I am so excited for this project! It’s gonna be GREAT!

  2. Clever, HIKE inside “think outside”. Can I take the class too? 🙂

    • You are too funny, you could teach the class! But seriously I am planning on teaching 10, 1 hour classes spread out over 10 weeks for 6th-8th graders starting in January with added outdoor field trips. The curriculum could be used for 5th grade and up and will be available online for anyone to use. Fun stuff.

  3. Very clever name. How do some people think so cleverly. Amazes me. Love the picture of the explorers as well.

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