Facebook? Really.

Top of Muir Pass
Sunset on Muir Pass ~ John Muir Trail
Quote inspired by good friend and amazing teacher, Chris D.

I admit it.

I have been one of the last to embrace Facebook. Yes, I have dabbled a bit, largely to keep up with my own kids and the students I teach. But really… not so much.

I even resisted while posting on this blog from the trail over the last 3 summers. All the while I watched on as other hikers posted, networked, and shared IMPORTANT information on Facebook. Wasn’t one place, my blog, enough to share all my talk of the outdoors? I again admit that social media, Facebook, has always represented the bad guy to me, fearing that it would eat up all my time and be much too personal. Another confession…it has always stressed me out deciding what or if to post on my personal Facebook page. Especially news from the outdoors. Not everyone wants to hear that I have hiked 1200 miles this past summer or that I climbed another peak, or that a new piece of gear has changed everything.

But after a technology conference I attended last weekend, I shifted, and was open to thinking differently, bigger, and I looked around. People were really enjoying this thing. Having fun even. Sharing information and ideas that should be out there and not hidden away.

Facebook’s networking and spread of critical information is crazy powerful and fast. For example, last April I needed a ride to the Southern Terminus of the PCT at the Mexican border and a place to leave my car for a few days. I emailed my hiker friend Wired to see if she knew anyone who could help. Within minutes after SHE posted on Facebook’s Pacific Crest Trail page that a friend needed a ride, she emailed me back with Sprinkle’s name and phone number. Facebook to the rescue!

Through this blog I often receive amazing stories, photos, and tidbits of information from you the readers. Just today in the mail, I received a precious list of inspiring quotations from Hamburger Helper. They need to be shared!

The decision now was easy, create Lady on a Rock Facebook page. A place to share my stuff, your stuff, links, posts, pics, videos, stories, and how-tos.

Check my page out. I created it last night and started to post some outdoorsy things I love. While you are there “Like” to start following. If you have suggestions to post on Lady on a Rock Facebook page just shoot them my way.

Now that wasn’t so bad Rockin’, was it?


  1. Ah, FB. I too, was only on FB to monitor my kids but last spring decided to deactivate b/c it seems silly and a time suck. But now I am thinking that a business page is important and should start one for my fine art business. Someone told me I have to have it linked to my personal FB page tho and need to reactivate that??

    Wanderingdot – would love to see your sculpture – didn’t see a link on your blog for your artist site??

    • The answer is yes, you have to have a personal account and it is linked through there. I believe Dot is looking for a solution for her many interests and talents too. I believe this is the site you are looking for : http://www.christygeorg.com/ It can be overwhelming and yes a time sucker. Good luck juggling it all. 🙂

    • Hi Nancy, Yes, Rockin knows me as both hiker and artist. That’s my art website. I hope some day to determine how to merge it all under the title “Artist/Adventurer”. I currently have my art website, art blog http://christygeorg.blogspot.com, hiker blog, and art resource site I run here in Santa Fe… and FOUR facebook accounts: personal, professional art page, professional hiker page (new), and Santa Fe Art Resource page.

      Ugh. I’m pretty sure we just all need an intern!

  2. I liked your page. You might want to add a FB like box (found in widgets) on your blog.

  3. I’ve thought about doing this too since I’ve noticed that when I post content on fb with a link to the blog, it’s rarely clicked. FAR more people view what’s on fb and don’t leave the site (at least on mine). Plus, fb is networked far more than WordPress! Some people use fb for posts and rarely blog! ?????? I dunno

    • It is so confusing isn’t it? Good observation. Most FBers don’t. Interesting. The one click thing or it won’t be read. I do know I love hearing others stories and I like sharing photos and more recently my funky little trip videos. Nice to hear your take.

      • ugh. You’re right. It is a good idea. Shoot, now I gotta start one. I think it’s good for me to separate “me” from “artist me” and “hiker me”. Here goes. Thanks for yet another fine tip!

        • Dot! Glad you are back safely from the Arctic! It IS hard juggling everything, where to put it and then keep track. I see you are now on Pinterest. That is a whole other thing to keep track of, but way too fun. All this sharing does keep one on their toes…

  4. I usually keep family & friends stuff on my personal facebook & try to focus on my “brand” about hiking related stuff on the fan page. But I think it’s sometimes fun to show you’re human by breaking that rule once in a while. If you have any weirdos then you can always block them from your facebook.

    Also, I’ve found facebook useful in keeping people who are not on WordPress updated on new posts.

    Anyway, welcome to the Facebook neighborhood! 🙂

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