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There is just something fantastic about following in real-time incredible human journeys. Just the knowing that someone is out there just doing it, while I am at work is so uplifting. The knowing can literally get me through a difficult day, helping me to keep up a positive attitude.

Last week, Halfmile connected me with Leslie, a solo southbound PCT hiker from Banff, Canada. Leslie started at the Canadian border August 1st. Yes, August 1st and she is now a couple hundred miles south of Tehachapi. I was lucky enough to share breakfast while hearing her personal story, and then jealously bid her farewell at our Tehachapi Pacific Crest Trail trail head. You can follow her on her trail journal at Banff Trail Trash. At the speed she is going she will be finishing at the Mexican border very soon.

PCT Southbound Hiker
Leslie – PCT Southbound Hiker

Swami, an ultra long distance hiker from Australia is on his 12th long distance hike. When I met him on the PCT outside of Belden, CA in the middle of June, he was on his way to finishing long trail #9, the PCT, and on his way to the Continental Divide Trail, then planning to tackle the Appalachian Trail in late fall and early winter (all this year). What an honor and privilege that moment in time was for me. His spirit emulated kindness, passion, and a general love for walking and being among the natural world. Currently, Swami is hiking southbound on the AT and is at about mile 250 south of Mount Katahdin. His journal, The Hiking Life is witty and informative with beautiful photos and best of all he posts daily. I urge you all to stop by and post an encouraging comment as he is facing hurricane Sandy and the aftermath. Also, his website has a plethora of free in depth how tos on all things backpacking. Be sure visit The Hiking Life.

Swami on the PCT
Swami – Ultra Long Distance Hiker on the PCT


  1. This is so neat to see. And yes, so true about it making the day at work much better when you see people doing amazing hikes!

    • I especially appreciate that they are just regular people that are choosing to do things a little differently. I think because they are not Olympic class athletes, models, or movie stars the average person can connect and be encouraged.

      • Yes! It doesn’t have to be a massive lifestyle shift, but certainly can give them (and we who follow their journeys) a whole different perspective.

  2. For the past couple of years I’ve been reading PCT journals during the hiking season. (Many of them from your recommendations.) It used to be that I read about their travels after the fact, in books borrowed from the library. Thank you for hooking us up with great hikers who take me to places that I’ll never see.

    • Isn’t that the truth Janet? I used to do the same. I would longingly be drawn to the same area in the library, checking guidebooks out over and over again. Things have changed, but not the simpleness of the outdoors By the way readers Janet has a beautiful blog that documents her love for Yosemite and excursions in the area. Check it out.

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