Sierra’s Radiant Aspens

Sierra's Radiant Aspens

I am really excited to share an original artwork created by fellow hiker and artist Nancy Romanovsky. After our Eastern Sierra fall excursion a couple of weeks ago, Nancy contacted me through this blog and asked if she could paint some of the scenes from my Falling for Fall photo album. I was super flattered and of course said, “Yes!” The painting is an oil rendition inspired by one of the photos. Her current work explores aspen groves. Nancy loves getting outside in nature as much as possible and she describes herself as a hiker who loves to paint. Her paintings are inspiring, soothing, and unique. Give yourself a treat and view Sierra’s Radiant Aspens and other works on her beautiful website. How cool is that?


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  2. I love paintings of Fall in the Sierra. Last year I did a pastel from my hike near Lake Sabrina (above Bishop), and thoroughly enjoyed it!
    Yes, your Falling for Fall album was inspiring. My fam and went hiking above Tom’s Place last weekend to see the colors.

    • Our weather this fall have certainly made it possible to hike in comfort late into the season. So glad you are taking advantage with your family.

      I am so envious. I am lucky if I can draw stick figures, much less use pastels for landscapes. Thank you for sharing.

      • Hoping the great weather holds just a bit longer! I’m off to Kennedy Meadows this weekend – know of any good hikes?

        • Yes, Hooker Meadow’s aspens should be in full glory. Also going north on the PCT from the Kennedy Meadows campground for a few miles (until you hit the burn) would be beautiful along the river.

  3. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

    • I am glad you feel the same. I just love this oil painting. Having a bad day? Need some inspiration or focus? Just gaze upon this loveliness. Hope you are doing well.

  4. Amy Stewart

    That is amazing. Wow!!!!

    • I know… right? Talk about feeling special. I do not come from a particularly artsy family like yourself, so that makes it even more remarkable. Thank you for reading, commenting, and for your friendship. You rock!

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