Video – Walking with Wired

So excited to have spent 3 days hiking with Wired, a 2011 PCT thru-hiker and good friend. I was able give her a food resupply at Kearsage Pass junction on the John Muir Trail and join the last three days of her JMT adventure.

For the past couple of years Wired and I have exchanged a mountain of information on trail conditions, gear, schedules, hikers, rides, and technology, but this was the first experience actually hiking together. I was nervous and hyped, but mostly just excited to hike with someone who I think enjoys the trail, carrying a pack, the hikers, and technology as much as myself.

It always amazes me how three days on the trail can seem like a lifetime. That is the beauty, allure, and reward of being out there in the wilderness. In a short time I shared myself, my love for the Sierras, hopes for the future, and spent the coldest 3 nights ever in my 20+ years of backpacking. Memorable…yes.

Thanks Wired for the laughter, exchange of a boatload of information, listening to me rant and rave about the Sierras, challenging me to someday share more thoughts and feelings here on this blog, and for the grand experience of camping on top of the world.

Be sure to visit Wired’s latest blog entry “One Year Later: Part 1 The Trail” that features photos comparing last year’s snowbound JMT to this year. It is pretty incredible.

Video created in iMovie with music “93 Million Miles” by Jason Mraz.


  1. The photos are so beautiful! Love the Subway sandwich 😉

    • Hey I am so glad to hear from you. I lost track of your blog and where you were posting. Great job on Baden Powell. I want to snowshoe up that thing someday.

      There has been many a time that I would have killed for a Subway sandwich while on the trail. Right? It was great hearing from you.

      • Yeah I had problems with the last blog so I am at this one now :). I’ve seen so many trail runner train up Baden-Powell that it amazes me that people can run it! Snowshoeing will be easy compared to that lol.

        You should submit that photo to Subway and see what they will do with it. Great advertisement! I usually crave a Juice it Up myself but their $5 meatball sandwich I would kill for on the trail :). Love your photos & keeping up with your Sierra hikes!

  2. That was awesome! Loved the music too.

    • Thank you Janet. Hope you are getting out often. Winter is just around the corner. I love Jason Mraz. My son just shared his newest album with me. Lovin’ it.

  3. Yay! Great to see! I plan to SoBo the CDT next year, ideally starting early… like June 1 if possible. Depends on snow conditions, but I figure after last year’s Sierras, it’ll be no problem! You’re always welcome to join my crew! I had a great long Labour day weekend on the PCT with VirGo, got to do Timberline to Cascade Locks, at last- had horrible fire detour last year.
    Keep posting and keeping me posted!

    • Dot! Right now I am picturing you in a full down suit ready for the Arctic! What an adventure you are about to embark. I hope you are posting updates, so we can follow along. You must have talked to Wired. I just might take you up on the CDT offer…you never know. Who is your crew? So glad you were able to hike with VirGo. Best to you on your very cool

  4. Beautiful video and photos:) Thanks for sharing!

  5. Yay!Such great memories. Love the pic on your header! I have it on the background on my computer and get to look at it all the time:) We may need to reunite next summer on the CDT….

  6. Thanks for sharing! My JMT was too long ago now, must write it up – and head back to the Sierra High Route.. hoping next year sometime if work (damn work) allows. Safe travels

    • Okay that is a Big trip…the Sierra High Route. I hiked Steve Roper’s route in a couple sections of years ago. I would love to tackle that Bad Boy again. Very challenging. This would have been a great year given the low snow on high passes. Even though work sometimes does get in the way, it is so fun to dream. Keep it up. 🙂

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