Walking with Wired

For all you “Wired” fans out there, I am super excited to be joining her last three days on the John Muir Trail this weekend. I know many of you found your way to this blog through her website. Wired successfully thru-hiked the entire PCT in 2011 and stayed at our home with Topshelf, Blister, and Wandering Dot. She was even featured as a guest blogger on this site, Guest Blogger- “Wired” on Pacific Crest Trail Relationships

After I bring resupply and meet her on the trail, we plan on climbing Mount Whitney and hopefully Mount Muir, another class 3 mountain over 14,000 feet. It is gonna be way fun!

Cameron Road Trail Head


  1. Have fun out there.
    Being one of those you are talking about. I have enjoyed both of your blogs. I look forward to Wired starting her CDT blogging. And you both have encourage me to do the Wonderland next season (The planning has already started). Also trying to find the time to do section J of the PCT here in WA before the weather changes too much this year. Both of your gear lists/reviews have been very helpful in my prep.
    Enjoy your time on the trail. Maybe one of these days I will be able to trail angel a latte for you both up here in the WA.

    • That is all great news. So glad all of our efforts in blogging with 2 thumbs late at night in a cold tent has brought some good. Walking with Wired was like being with an old friend. I too am looking forward to her upcoming CDT adventure.

      I have heard so many great things about The Wonderland Trail. That is so exciting. Wired and I are both counting on that trail magic in WA. I am hoping the snow levels next
      summer are reasonable, so I can make it up your way.

  2. You all are looking good. Have some fun out there put some miles on. -Can’t wait for new posts on your pursuits.

    • Hello Warren,
      I am working on getting photos together from my last 2 trips. BUT… I can tell you the scenery was beautiful, company was the best, and I am pretty worn out. Hope you are well.

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