July 30 – Nero at VVR

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Scott and Aedan at VVR
Scott and Aedan at VVR
My Ride
My Ride

This morning I had breakfast with 2 cool young gentleman, Scott and Aedhan. Cool partly because they let me eat with them, but mostly because they have just graduated from high school, live back east, and are doing the JMT. That is impressive. It takes a lot of planning and direction to pull it off. They are both super smart, friendly, respectful, and are both going to prestigious universities. It has been quiet here at the resort, so I stayed the day and even snarfed down a bag of chips and a Dr. Pepper and I do not feel guilty. I am planning on hiking back to the trail this evening, which is 5 miles around the lake and find a great camp spot and call it a day. I just nabbed a VERY speedy ride back to the trail head from a very helpful employee of VVR! Thanks for following along.


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  2. Ha, ya just graduated High School and still growin’. Those boys are tall!

    Go Rockin’ Go!

  3. Standing with the boys, you look like you just graduated high school too. 🙂

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