July 29 – Service and VVR

A man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps.
Proverbs 16:9

Blayney Hot Springs to Vermillion Valley Resort
23.5 miles

The photos today are from my iPhone because my battery in my camera died and my spare battery is an off brand and kept turning off. Lesson learned, do not buy off brand batteries if you are really going to need them. For this trip I have transferred photos via my new Airstash. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the little thing!

On the way up to Selden Pass a gentleman asked me if I got information from the JMT Forums. Turns out he is one of the big advocates of the JMT, JMT Forum Host, a big researcher, gear enthusiast, and he is an expert at prolio therapy for joints. Not really sure of the exact name, but you can reach Turtle online at the JMT Forums. We of course hit it off exchanging on trail technology. Way fun.

The top of Selden Pass has a magnificent view of Marie Lakes. It is an icon and is featured in many magazines. What I would like to know is who was this Marie? And what she did she do to have such an awesome group of lakes named after her? At the pass I met Lifeboat and Magnet, a very cute and refreshing young couple soon to be married. Turns out Lifeboat proposed to Magnet on the top of Forester Pass. How romantic is that? Lifeboat’s parents were even hiking with them for a section. It was such a treat to meet these folks.

The trail then follows Bear Creek which has many swimming opportunities which I took advantage of. The trail then climbs one of my favorite ridges filled with Aspens, wildflowers, springs galore, and sports stunning views of mountains to the south. Oh on top of that I had 4 bars of cell service, so I was able to post the past few days of journals. I even updated my Track Me page that can be accessed from the top menu.

I made an assumption that the trail to VVR was about 4 miles. At 5:00 when I got to the cut off sign it said EIGHT! I then booked it to get to VVR just in time for the chef to cook the last dinner at 8:00! The most delicious red snapper and a boat load of veggies. The day was long, but very rewarding. I am hoping to take a nero tomorrow at VVR washing clothes, showering, eating, resting, and resupplying. So great.

Turtle and his Hiking Partner
Turtle and his Hiking Partner
Sally Keyes Lake
Sally Keyes Lake
Seldon Pass
Seldon Pass
Magnet and Lifeboat on Seldon Pass
Magnet and Lifeboat on Seldon Pass
Bear Creek Crossing
Bear Creek Crossing

3 thoughts on “July 29 – Service and VVR

  1. I really like the photos of others on the trail. Really brings home the community out there and the shear fun that they are having. The smiles on every face. It makes my day.

    And the photos of all the beautiful places. Sensory overload (in a good way).

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