July 23 Part 2 – Don’t Get Relaxed/Mt. Whitney

Crabtree Meadow to Whitney and back then to Wallace Creek
20 miles

Right now I am holed up in my tent with rain, hail, and thunder listening to Wired’s playlist on my iPhone. Thanks Wired! You see I had this great day planned:
-Summit Whitney at sunrise, hike back to my camp at Crabtree Meadows, take a 2 hour nap, pack up and hike another 6 miles to my very special place, Bighorn Plateau.

Sounds reasonable right? Well right after I got back to camp after an amazing sunrise summit of Whitney, it started hailing and raining. I quickly threw all my gear in the tent and here I sit 3 1/2 hours later. At one point I got stuck away from my tent and couldn’t get back because of large pebble sized hail. A girl has to go to the bathroom. On top of that I stupidly drank 2 cups of Via coffee in anticipation of hiking late. I do have to add that I am very thankful that I am sheltered and dry. However, it is not reassuring that a boy scout died of lightning in this very area I am camped! Oh and now the hail is so loud I had to turn the Wired tunes off.

Enough of all that, I want to take a moment and express awe of the outstanding lighting I have experienced while hiking this trip. There really is no snow on the mountains to create interest and depth, but the shadows created essentially from sheer light is stunning. And now to get my mind off the intensity of this storm I want to talk gear.

My all time favorite new gear this season is …… my Dirty Girl Gaiters. I originally did not buy them because I thought they were obnoxious and I didn’t like the way their website was set up. By wearing them full-time it saves my socks, shoes, curtails blisters, saves time, and they are comfy and light. I even think they keep my feet cool when it is hot and warm when it is cold. Like now in my tent. I even get compliments on them all the time along with my Tarma Designs PCT earrings. On Whitney today even. So there ya go. My only wish is that I would have tried them years ago.

Dirty Girl Gaiters
Fav New Gear ~ Dirty Girl Gaiters
Sky Pilot
Sky Pilot
Hitchcock and Guitar Lake
West View from Ridge on Whitney
Sky Pilot from Whitney Window
Sky Pilot from Whitney Window
Trail heading to the top
Trail Heading to the Top
Blue WAG Bag left behind on the trail
Blue WAG Bag Left Behind on the Trail
Guitar Lake
Guitar Lake
Timberline Lake
Timberline Lake
Calm after the Storm
Calm after the Storm


  1. annathrax

    I am in awe reading through your jmt hike. I have to do this one day in my life, i just must! The photos are stunning, and love your storytelling too. This makes me smile

    • Perth!!!! Man are we worlds away! So fun we can enjoy virtual trips online. Just love it. Thank you for your kind words. Glad you are enjoying the ride.

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  5. Yay! The songs are coming in handy! I have to say these entries are getting me so pumped for the JMT in a month. Your awesome pics are the first I’m seeing of details that were covered in a snowy blanket for me and it’s so wonderful to see. I’m really liking the ones you’re taking of you walking. I’m starting to see the advantages of the Airstash…I’m thinking of doing the sunrise summit too. Just amazing that you were camped next to the Muir Hut too. So dreamy!

    • Glad you are liking the photos. You and I have worked hard trying to figure something that would work. I love not having to take photos with both the iPhone and my camera. Saves time and energy. You are going to love this mountain range when you visit under less threatening conditions. It is truly amazing!

  6. The best laid plans… As usual the photos are great! But, really….someone left a poo bag? How inconsiderate. You’d think if they took the time to put it in a bag, they’d haul it out to a trash can, or whereever those things are to be thrown.

    • YESSSSS they did. I couldn’t believe it. I am a thinking they should have just gone and not used the bag if they were going to leave it behind. It smelled and was VERY full. I thought it was a joke at first. BUT NO.

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