June 29 – Be Careful What You Wish For

Crater Lake Rim Oregon to South of Mount Thielsen (mile 1854)
Crater National Park and Mount Thielsen Wilderness
20 miles

Transportation to Crater Lake went off super smooth. I was feeling excited about sailing through Oregon. I have always heard it is easy miles because there are not large amounts of elevation gains and losses. Yep, I was feeling pretty snappy, until I beheld the 10 foot snow banks at Crater Lake. You see while hiking the PCT this season I often have missed the snow because there was so little in California.

I started out on the PCT which follows the rim of Crater Lake very closely. After about a mile I was forced down to the highway by cornices on the edge. Then it started to rain. Due to large snow banks, I decided to road walk, which worked well because the road often dips close to the rim with spectacular views of the sapphire giant. After a few miles I joined the equestrian PCT, that is when the mosquitoes came out in full force. Nothing a little Deet, long pants, long-sleeved shirt, and fashionable head-net won’t take care of. As the trail dropped below 6600 feet the snow disappeared. I am feeling a little anxious about the snow tomorrow as the trail will be at 7400 elevation.


  1. karen halvorsen

    Welcome home I am so very proud of you. Love Mom

  2. Welcome to Oregon. I pray that you have managable snow tomorrow and clear weather to enjoy the beauty of the wonderful lands you will be passing through tomorrow. Thanks for the pics.

  3. Yea… I was wondering how that was going to work after seeing all that snow. Sorry I couldn’t be any more help! “it is really snowy… Lots of snow..”. Not helpful, I realize! But I am glad you navigated it alright. Love you!

  4. It seems strange to see rain and snow, but I guess it’s just crazy California that didn’t get much. It sounds like you’re prepared for it though. Nice photos.

  5. Teresa Skye

    Did the same detour. I sent you a text about the next section and up toward Crescent Lake. I don’t have maps here to help me, but I took a snow detour around Theisen and there’s an equestrian detour that skirts the next big mountain/ snow area (is it Mt Diamond- can’t remember)
    Good luck, Happy Trails!

    • Skyward,
      You have been so great to Dan and I. I am still hoping to hike with you sometime in Washington. Maybe next summer? All your tips were great and looked at them in the guidebook. Think the snow needs just a few more weeks. The alternate routes were not going to be enough. Thanks again!

  6. Deebie Brown

    Hi Rockin. I’m DB from Tehachapi. I’ve been following your blog and adventure lately. I’m someone who walks 2-4 miles on the PCT frequently. the same 2-4 miles. Impressive, eh? I know Dan from work and he encouraged me to meet you and read your blog last year, and I just recently got around to it…perhaps the most exciting part of it. (?) Congrats on doing all of CA! I’m living vicariously thru your adventure.
    Do you get cell signals most of the time?
    I was wondering about the mosquito scene as I’ve hiked in high elevations in Oregon as the snow was melting and got eaten alive. That time and one other…in the North Cascades were the only times I (we) cut a backpacking trip short due to bugs. So, you found them, but sound prepared. I don’t really backpack anymore, waah…but will always be a total nature nut.
    Your photos are beautiful and so is your spirit! Thanx

    • Hello DB!
      I am so glad to hear from you. It is so great that you get out where ever it is! Thank you for sharing. The answers to your questions:
      I usually only get cell service on high ridges or near big towns. I brag that I have a cell service sensor within my body!! When I do get service I usually post a blog entry, hit my GPS Track through Instamapper, and check in at home. Somedays I do not have service at all.

      The mosquitoes were BAD. I knew that they had to be my friends ahead of time, so I was mentally prepared. I have been in situations where I didn’t expect them and they really got to me. By the way, I have found IF you hike fast enough they don’t bother me. Thanks again for following along. Happy Hiking.

  7. I’m still amazed you pulled out 20mi with so much snow!

    • Ya well I hiked until 9:00 pm. You know those PCTers are a different breed. Hope your visit with your family is great and somehow we will hike together this summer. Thank you for your valuable information and friendship. You are truly amazing.

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