June 28 – Zero in Dunsmuir


Tomorrow morning early I will be riding the Amtrak train from the Dunsmuir Train Station to Klamath Falls, then catching a trolley to Crater Lake. Last year I rode this same trolley from Crater Lake to Klamath Falls. It was fun and am looking forward to the experience again.

Dunsmuir is a great little town to visit. I especially loved the Cornerstone Bakery and Cafe. They feature healthy homemade scrumptious food and desserts. It is a must do while in Dunsmuir. Everyone was super friendly. I stayed at the Dunsmuir Inn and Suites, visited the library, post office, small market, and even did a little window shopping. Ready to hit the trail tomorrow.





  1. Mary aka Cordy

    Hi Rockin’, Tom wanted me to write and say he wishes you good luck in Oregon. He was distracted with his plans for his next section and felt bad that his wishes weren’t given in person.

    I’m looking forward to reading about your days hiking with Wired.

    The train and trolly sound fun!!


    • Hello Cordy,
      Tell Recycle thanks. Please let him know not to hurry to Crater Lake. It needs about another month for the snow to melt north of there.

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