June 27 – Love and Generosity

20120628-100419.jpgI am spoiled rotten. Cross Cut, Recycle, and I had the good fortune to enjoy the very generous hospitality of Nathan, Mona, and Bruce in Mount Shasta City. We thankfully showered, did laundry, resupplied, ran errands, lavished in a soft cozy bed, and enjoyed healthy delicious homemade meals. But more importantly, the family opened and shared their hearts and home to 3 dirty PCT hikers. The appreciation of the small things in life, nature, family, and community is ever-present in their lifestyle.

Bruce even gave us a tour of the Shasta area that included a trip to the headwaters of the Sacramento River and the base of Mount Shasta. He is a wealth of information and has great enthusiasm for the land and its people.

In the evening we gathered at the Dunsmuir Brewery and Works in downtown Dunsmuir. The fish tacos were delicious and I highly recommend the restaurant.

I do have to admit I felt uncomfortable at first accepting in home Trail Angeling. Dan and I have always acted as the angels. Boy am I glad I let go and was open. Not only am I rested, energized, and clean, I have also been blessed by getting to know this very special family.







  1. What a day for you all. It is so refreshing to see community at its best. This blog shares it so well too. Rockin’, I’m really blessed by your sharing and I hope that your host’s see this blog and know that people like me are really thankful for them as well. Go on you for relaxing and enjoying the other end of the deal. Keep on Rockin’!

    • Hey Warren,
      I will be sure to send them the link. You are so right the hiking community IS so unique! I am super happy that I was to enjoy the other end. Happy trails.

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