1. What a great accomplishment! Congratulations to you!

  2. Yaaaayyyy!!!! That means you’re almost here! Hard do believe you’ll be done with Oregon in a couple weeks! Congrats on a journey completion years in the making! Hope you are enjoying a well earned rest!

    • Oh man this is a whole new experience for me: taking 2 zero days, accepting the hospitality of complete strangers in a beautiful home and place, and relaxing. Just the best. Looks like rain up your way. See you soon.

    • I think zero days can be VERY dangerous! Put my pack on and with 4 liters of water it felt like the first time I have ever had a pack on! On the other hand it felt great not having to rush around and boy am I liking being clean!!!!!

  3. CONGRATULATIONS MOMMA! YOU ROCK! Seriously!!! We love you!!

    • I am so counting on you at Cascade Locks!!!! Thinking like the 11th? There is a Best Western. Love love you all. Thank you for being my rock.

  4. Thank you, thank you everyone. I was so excited yesterday I couldn’t stop talking and smiling. All the well wishes out there made a huge difference. I am at a trail angel’s home in Mount Shasta City being lavishly pampered. I will be back on the trail in a couple days starting my next leg at Crater Lake, Oregon where I left off last summer. THANK YOU all again. Bring on Oregon!

  5. So excited for you! What an accomplishment!

  6. Clare Rosander

    Congratulations girl, right on. Wish we could be there to celebrate!

  7. Congratulations, really fantastic have a great time in Oregon 🙂

  8. Major congrats on completing California PCT!

  9. Ya, you are Rockin’! You’ll be getting to Wired pretty soon too.

    Warren G.

  10. Teresa Skye

    SO, SO exciting!!! And a great sense of accomplishment -Congrats!!

  11. Woohoo! A big congratulations all the way from Mexico! Rock on, stud! :-))

  12. YEAH ! congratulations ! Are you going to keep going?

  13. Mary aka Cordy

    Congratulations. Have fun on your next section.

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