June 25 – Dancing with Poison Oak

Grizzly Peak Road to Squaw Valley Creek (mile 1489.6)
23.9 miles

If you wait for the perfect conditions
you’ll never get anything done.

I am cozy and dry in my tent, while rain pours outside. The best feeling ever. Today was a great day. I had energy, no pain, and life was good.

Bear scat every 1/4 mile from yesterday was traded with poison oak that lined the PCT for miles before and after McCloud Creek. It made for some sweet maneuvers.

This evening before the rain started Recycle and I met Cross Cut. He is a PCT hiker that worked for the forest service and is a Search and Rescue volunteer. He misses his wife and wants to get off the trail to be with her. It seems like every man I meet is missing a wife or girlfriend. Their eyes all have the same look of longing. It is so touching.

Tomorrow is a BIG day!!!!! When I cross the Interstate 5 freeway at Castella, I will have finished walking the entire 1662.1 miles of California, every step of the California Section of the PCT. This is really a BIG deal for me. California is one long state and it has taken a few weeks of the last 3 summers to make it happen. SO EXCITED.

I will be taking a couple zero days (no hiking days) after this accomplishment in Dunsmuir to wait for the first trolley into Crater Lake. I will be continuing my hike on June 29 heading 324.6 miles north from Crater Lake to the Oregon/Washington border.

The rain is subsiding and it is time to rest to hike the remaining 17 miles to the freeway tomorrow. Thank you for reading and cheering me on!









  1. Barbara Tieskoetter

    Woohoo! All of Calif done! Wow. Thanks for the logs and photos–all great shots. Gee, bears poop big–all that on berries?

  2. Neato, Neato, Neato! Go Rockin’ Go! California is done.

  3. Very well done! Atta Girl Rockin!

  4. Snakebait

    Hey Rockin,

    We’re so proud of you for your achievement! Your attitude and approach are inspirational.

    Keep on keeping on.

    Best wishes

    Noel and Ulrike

  5. John Lindsay

    Congrats on finishing CA
    Only two smaller states to go

    • John,
      I just know you are someplace perfectly beautiful and relaxing. Thank you for following and for your ongoing interest and support.

  6. Georgette Theotig

    Hi, Christy! Great to be reading your PCT messages again this summer. Congratulations on almost finishing the California segment. Your photos reflect the beauty and lushness of the north. Stay out of the poison oak! I’m thinking of you and sending best wishes for happy trails ahead!
    A fellow hiker,

    • Georgette,
      Hope you are having lots of trail time this summer and Beck Meadow was inspirational and fun. Yep, it is very GREEN and very different from the Southern California section of the PCT. I am looking forward to experiencing Oregon.

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