June 23 – Rain

Burney Falls State Park to Deadman Creek (mile 1444)
20.5 miles

To strengthen the muscles of the heart the best exercise is lifting someone else’s spirit whenever you can.

Recycle has been good company. As I write this in my tent he is playing Amazing Grace on his small flute. Tonight I am yet again in an illegal camping spot. Just check out the pic below. Sign and all.

Last night I was greeted with rain on my tent. The weather today was wet off and on and very cool. The forest was lush and often covered the trail with wet green bushes of many varieties. Rain gear was a must just to pass through because the dew from the foliage transferred quickly to my whole body. Amazingly enough the forest in this area reminds me of coastal woodlands. How great is that? Happy day.










  1. Mary aka Cordy

    Thanks for giving Recycle his trial name. So glad you’ve been keeping each other company and I love telling the story of how you 2 met. Keep on Rockin! I’ll be going on my first backpack in a few weeks. We’re cheating though, the only thing I have to carry is my day pack, all the rest is brought up on horses. 12 women, camping at Dingleberry Lake in Sierra’s. Looking forward to being in the wilderness.

    • Cordy,
      Thank you for introducing Recycle to me. I am wishing him well in his next leg of his journey. I would love it if you would add me to Recycle’s email update list. My email is rockinatladyonarock@gmail.com. Have a great time on your backpack. You will be in some very beautiful country. Thank you for your support.

  2. Beautiful reds and greens in your photos. Wow, there’s no missing that that’s bear scat, is there?

  3. Love your quote, so meaningful. Keep on Rockin’!

  4. snakebait

    Hey Rockin,

    Nice camp out. : )

    I really value the opportunity to follow along with your adventures. I think it is your energy and enthusiasm that set apart your adventures. Enjoy maintaining a full tank of your passion and enthusiasm.

    Warm regards

    Noel and Ulrike

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