June 22 – Beauteous Burney Falls

Most likely illegal camping at Fish Hatchery to Burney Falls State Park Campground
12 miles

“Far away there in the sunshine are my highest aspirations. I may not reach them, but I can look up and see their beauty, believe in them, and try to follow where they lead.”
~Louisa May Alcott

I find it ever amazing what hikers will be willing to do and put up with while on the trail, sometimes even on the edge of being illegal. Last night was spent in a day use area on private land at the Crystal Lake Hatchery. As I was packing up this morning fish hatchery workers were driving into work and waving. How funny is that? I was expecting a ticket, warning, or scolding at least. Nope just waves.

Tom aka Recycle (trail name) and I hiked 12 miles into Burney Falls State Park Campground and had a great 1/2 day drinking coffee, enjoying the falls, taking a needed shower, food resupply, and catching up on emails and phone calls. As I was picking up my resupply box I sent to myself, I heard Rockin’. There was Greg that I met in Drakesbad. He was waiting for a very special pie being sent Fed Ex from his girlfriend. How neat is that?

Oh and I should tell a little bit about Recycle’s new trail name. Tom is an avid environmentalist, loves nature and animals, is very educated on all kinds of preservation, and more importantly fights for what he feels passionate about. In fact at the PCT Kick Off he could be found gathering items for recycling and he has already located the bins at this park.

Burney Falls is a must do. It also is a perfect place for kids and is just plain gorgeous. The camp store has a large selection of all kinds of food and the visitors center features a great video on the geology and history of the park.

A little off topic, but many are reading the book Wild. I have not read it yet, but Recycle says that it sells not only because it is about a woman in the outdoors, but that it has drama, drugs, strife, and ignorance (or sex, drugs and rock n’ roll). So I am not all that and most likely am boring at times. For this reason I want to thank you all for following this passionate hiker that loves the land. Have a great night.




  1. I love seeing all these pictures from this part of California. I am originally from California’s North Coast, but I’ve never been to this part. I want to move there!

  2. I am loving these posts and so glad you’re in with a bit of a group. Everything just works out on the trail when you’re heart is in the right place. A few things. 1) Love the Alcott quote. 2) I had lunch with Liz last year at your “illegal campsite” right at the table in your picture! 3) We were so hot and drained when we got to Burney that we didn’t walk down to the bottom of the falls. One of my biggest regrets. 4) WILD has nothin’ on you! Thanks for representing us female solo hikers in such a positive way:)

    • Argh, your heart…not you’re…I blame auto correct.

    • You MISSED Burney Falls! That’s what heat will do to you. It IS a bad thing. Makes me crazy, I know that. Just put it on you list to do someday. No big.

      I do know one thing, there are not a lot of solo women hikers. I am honored by your compliment. Oregon here I come!

  3. More great pics and just of the pie, the falls are magnificent too. Looks beautiful, wish I was there.

  4. Wow, nice photos again! Saying those falls are beautiful is such an understatement. Must have been an amazing time for you. -I’ve meant to comment on what appear to be PCT earrings. Pretty cool. Hope I guessed right.

    Like Chris commented above, you are most definitely not boring. I really look forward to your journal in my email box. It really tops my day off when I get them. Thanks for thinking of us Rockin’.

    • YES THEY ARE PCT EARRING. You can order them online from Tarma Designs. They have lots of very cool outdoor jewelry for men and women. Part of the proceeds when you purchase the earrings go to the Pacific Crest Trail Association.

      Glad to hear I am not too boring. I just remember when
      my youngest daughter asked me what I was going to talk about in a trail journal, “Eating, walking, and sleeping?”

  5. Christy, boring you are definitely NOT! I am so enjoying reading your entries and looking at your beautiful photos way down here in sunny and hot Mexico. You make it see like we are there with you and I love reading about the different hikers, picturing them in my head, and then seeing the photos. (on a side note, I have been preoccupied all day with Nickki’s news. School will definitely be different next year!). Happy trails to you, my friend. Keep on rockin’!

    • Hey my mentor!!! So honored you are following along. It is just encouraging to me when I am hot and tired to picture you in Mexico.

      I am looking forward to experiencing upcoming out of the box non-boring adventures. YES, next year will be time of transition, growth, and rebirth. I am happy for Nickki’s upcoming new life. She deserves the best.

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