June 20 – Networking

Clover Meadow to Subway Cave Campground
27 miles

I did a dumb thing today. I started the day out with a swift creek crossing on a log. It was early, I wasn’t quite with it yet and I was stiff. Halfway across I froze and panicked. Using deep breathing techniques that Silly always is reminding me of, I decided it was best to go down on my bottom and then scoot across. Not an easy maneuver with a loaded pack in the middle of a narrow log. Everything worked out in the end. I took a huge chance crossing without putting essential items in waterproof sacks. Lesson hopefully learned.

A really cool thing happened. Mary, who has commented on blog entries let me know that she was a trail angel for her friend Tom and that he was in the Drakesbad area hiking. I saw a hiker today and stopped and asked him if he was Tom and that I knew Mary. Boy did he look surprised! I hiked with him today and we will most likely hike tomorrow. Tom is hiking the PCT and is planning on hiking the Sierra section later in the summer. He is from Glendale, is energetic and very informative.

The terrain is mostly flat now and has left Lassen National Park. For some reason everything hurts
more when i hike on flat. Go figure?

Tomorrow’s hike entails a 30 mile stretch without water. Not good. It is called the Hat Creek Rim section. We are at a really nice campground and are planning an early start. Thank you Mary!