June 19 – Company

Stover Spring to Corral Meadow (mile 1357) Lassen National Park
18 miles

Last night there was a party of sorts in my camp. Here is a list of just some of the goings on:

-repeated through the night a bugling noise followed by stomping of loud hooves.
-small scratching noises around my tent (my pole handles were chewed on)
-off and on scratching on my critter proof ursack hung in a tree
-oh and then my personal favorite, hikers came in very late, camped beside me ( I found out later they didn’t know I was there) and then smoked cigars
-a big bird bashed onto the top of my tent (at least I think it was a bird)

I thought for sure I was going crazy, someone was playing a joke, or I needed to go home!

Bad night, but great day! I hiked the 15 miles by lunch to get to Drakesbad Guest Ranch for resupply. At the ranch I ate lunch, had my laundry done, swam in their hot springs pool with loaner clothes, showered, and resupplied with the box I had sent to myself! I also met and spent the afternoon with the guys that came nto camp late and smoked cigars. Pockets, Franz, and Greg are really nice. They started early from the border of Mexico and are also the 2012 PCT leaders. So fun getting to know them. I am renewed, refreshed, and NOT looking for company tonight!










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