June 17 – Happy Father’s Day!

Rattlesnake Spring to mile 1319  before Carter Creek – Lassen National Forest
24 miles

Happy Father’s Day all you dads out there. What you do as a dad is the most important. Have a super awesome day!!

Just when I thought I could not sweat more I did. Really it felt like buckets of water was being poured on my head and dripping down. Yep this is a heat wave! I talked to a camper and he said it will be cooler tomorrow. I am going to sleep in a bit and take a chance it will work out. I am camped by a spring 1/3 mile DOWN from the trail. I rinsed out my very stiff and salty clothes and I couldn’t feel nicer.

The terrain is gentle now and is passing through volcanic rock. The views expand out of the trees often, so uplifting. Thank you everyone for your encouraging comments!!! I will try to respond when I am in Drakesbad. Have a great day.








  1. Very nice photos. Very nice.

  2. Oooo almost sounds like it was worse than here. I think it was 106 yesterday. Think about you all the time and how you are doing. Missed you at dinner yesterday. Hope today is more comfortable.

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